Polish Swap

Monday, September 17, 2012

When I first started blogging, I signed up to participate in a Nail Polish Swap. I love painting my fingernails and toenails, especially during the summer, but I often get stuck in a rut of wearing the same color (my sister often teases me about this and tries to get me to branch out). So I thought participating in the Polish Swap was the perfect way to try new colors.


The premise of the swap: I signed up on Carly’s awesome blog, Lipgloss and Crayons, filled out a simple form describing what I liked in nail polish colors and then I was paired with another blogger who would pick out two colors for me. In return, I picked out two colors for my partner and mailed them to her. I was paired with Sharee who blogs over at Mom Fitting It All In. Sharee sent me two colors from OPI.

She sent me a neutral color (Coney Island Cotton Candy) and a bright red (Danke-Shiny Red) – gotta love the names OPI gives to their colors.

I used the neutral color on my fingernails. I have honestly never used a color that neutral before and I have only had a French manicure a few times in my life. While the color wasn’t my normal bright pink, I did like it. I thought it gave me a nice shiny look to my nails and still gave me that pulled together feeling I get when I paint my nails. Also, since it wasn’t a bright color I didn’t have to worry about making my nails perfect, because you couldn’t see if any mistakes were made (that was a bonus!).

I used the bright red on my toes. I absolutely love this color – its super shiny and vibrant, almost like candy apple red. I feel confident that this color will be put in regular rotation. In fact, when it was time to take the toenail polish off, I actually reapplied the same color because I love it so much.

I have never purchased OPI products on my own before, I have only ever used them when I get a pedicure. However, I will be purchasing OPI in the future. The polish is so smooth and goes on like a dream. You don’t have to worry about it being too thick and the polish applies very evenly. It’s basically the most user friendly polish I’ve ever applied myself. I didn’t even need to worry about mistakes!

This polish swap was a lot of fun because it’s like having a personal shopper. You tell them what you like and they pick something out for you.  I can’t wait to participate in another one!



  1. Welcome to a future OPI purchaser! I'm ashamed to admit how many of their colors I've purchased in the last few years. Try going to an ULTA - they have all of the colors and you can use coupons or double points coupons when you buy them. They also often have little packs of 4 minis in new colors which is good when you don't necessarily want to buy a full bottle. Yay for pretty nails!!! PS - Try Bubble Bath for a neutral nail. It's my fave!!

  2. Yeah I am so glad you liked them. I Love OPI so smooth and rich in color {even the neautrals}.

    Glad we were swap partners :)


  3. Whoa, great colors! Total classics, that you can use for a long time!


    1. Thanks for hosting this awesome swap! Looking forward to more.

  4. Replies
    1. I definitely learned that OPI is a great product. No wonder its in every nail salon.

  5. Aww these look so cute!!! so glad you had fun!!!

    1. I did Rachel! I can't wait for another blog swap. Also, I loved your nail polish designs, I will be stopping by your blog often.


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