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Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Pink by me on polyvore

Yes, my favorite color is pink and it has been for most of my adult life. Of course it makes me happy and keeps me feeling girly when I wear it, but there is a real reason why I love pink so much; and not just because I have a great love for Elle Woods from Legally Blonde. The origin of my love for pink is deeply rooted in my past (dramatic much?) dates back to when my older sister and I were children.

My sister is just two and a half years older than me, so growing up and still to this day, we did almost everything together. Whenever people would buy us presents as children, they would typically buy us items that were alike, just different colors.

“So Lindsay, how did they determine which colors to give you both?” Great question! They went by our eye color! My sister had brown eyes and I had blue (my eyes have now turned green – which I love!). Of course, you can’t give a little girl something brown so my sister ALWAYS got the red or pink item. And I always got blue because the item matched my eyes. Not that I wasn’t grateful, I just wanted a pink item every now and again. Being the youngest, I also wanted to be just like my big sister. I think that want and the jealousy of her getting the “girl” items made me fall in love with pink for good!

PS – if you’re curious, my sister now loves purple.


  1. Love this post!!!!! People definitely set you up to love pink! Maybe I need to be careful about pushing a color on little man. Have a great day we love you

    1. Or perhaps by pushing a color on him, it will make him develop a love for an awesome color! Like me with pink. :) XOXO

  2. I just stubled across your blog and I LOVE it! Loving the clutch & ear rings! I love anything fashion & beauty.

    Hopefully you can check mine out sometime and possibly follow each other :)

    1. Hi Jo Lane!
      Thanks for stopping by, I'm heading to your site now.


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