Very Jane

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


In today’s economy, many people are looking for a good deal, yours truly included. Which is why I’m super glad that I discovered this awesome boutique deal site called Very Jane. I compare Very Jane to Living Social and Groupon, it’s a daily discount site just like those two, but the deals are for awesome products or gifts instead of restaurants or events. Most of the deals offer 50% or more off of the products.

I have bought some great things through Very Jane. I got my first bubble necklace from a vendor who worked with Very Jane to sell her products. These bubble necklaces have been EVERYWHERE, so when I saw a deal for one, I jumped at the chance to purchase the necklace.


I [unfortunately for my bank account] have bought a lot of other things too:

-this awesome white jelly watch

-super cute stickers for my sister to use when taking photos of my nephew

-an adorable pillow cover (I bought the one with the “&”)

-plus some great items that I am saving to give as Christmas presents (sorry I don’t want to list them on here so they will still be a surprise come Christmastime)

Very Jane is simple, go to their website and sign up for an account and wait for the daily deals to arrive in your email inbox. The hard part is not buying every single deal you see.

Happy Shopping!



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