Glossing Styling Creme

Thursday, September 11, 2014

I cannot believe it, but this is my 500th post!!!! Somehow, someway over the past 2 years I have found something to talk about 500 times. WHOA! Just like I said earlier this week, a huge reason I started this blog was to share my beauty tips and tricks with my friends allowing them a way to find info even when I wasn't with them. So I figured for my 500th post, I would stick with what I know and offer up an awesome product that I just started using and that I absolutely love.

For all you humidity sufferers out there, I have found an amazing product to help your hair stay looking fab all day. After years and I do mean YEARS of despising the summer heat and humidity and trying to figure out a way to not have to spend a lot of time outdoors on days that I fixed my hair, this product has changed the way I feel about the great outdoors. I must give props where props are due - and that is to my sweet friend Amanda (go check out her awesome blog Fun in the Oven) who actually introduced me to this genius product. Amanda lives in Texas, so she knows a thing or too about battling hot temperatures.

The amazing product I am talking about is Fekkai Glossing Styling Creme. I'm sure you've had this happen before: you style your hair in the morning, you love the way it looks, but then you step outside. Just a few hours later you catch a glimpse of your hair in the mirror and realize it looks nothing, absolutely nothing, like it looked that morning. The heat and humidity have turned your hair into a pretty frizzy nightmare. Well thanks to this genius product, that is no longer a problem. I'm not getting paid to tell you this, all of these opinions are entirely my own and I purchased this product on my own accord. It's so great that I knew I couldn't keep it a secret.

Thanks to the shine release complex of Fekkai Glossing Styling Creme, infused with olive oil, my hair looks so shiny, smooth and pretty. And the best part, it really only takes a small amount to work. In fact, one day I used too much and my hair actually looked like it was still wet, even after I blow dried it. A little goes a long way, so you will absolutely get your money's worth with the product. I apply the creme to my hair after I have towel dried it (but you can also apply it to dry hair if you prefer) and just massage it into the bottom part of my hair. I keep it away from my roots.

And check out my results. This below picture was taken about 6 hours after I got ready for the day. I spent all morning running errands and hopping in and out of the car. And 6 hours later, I was still happy with the shine and frizz free hair that was sitting on top of my head. Pretty amazing! Here is a link to get your hands on some!


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