Weekends are Fun!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

We had quite a fun weekend!

Baby K, my Dad and I hopped in the car on Friday to drive down to South Carolina so we could celebrate my nephew's 2nd birthday (my Mom had already headed down). It was a whirlwind trip as Baby K and I were only there for 24 hours, but we had fun playing and partying with my sister and her family! My nephew got all sorts of new toys and one of his favorites was an old cell phone. It cracks me up/excites me that kids love the old stuff and boxes more than the new presents.

Then on Sunday we had our final run through before Lifeline Church opens to the public. Let me just tell you, we have an incredible worship team and I'm not just saying that because Tolar is a part of it. They sounded amazing and truly ushered in the Holy Spirit. One of my favorite worship songs is Hillsong's Oceans; the lyrics are incredible and got me through our tough times earlier this year. My friend Jessi sang that song on Sunday and brought tears to my eyes, she sealed it for me - that will forever be one of my favorites. It is my life goal to have trust in God without borders, in all things.

Here is a video with Hillsong's Oceans, it is so beautiful!


  1. Birthdays are fun, birthday cake is better, believing in our Lord tops.......................

  2. Those little cousins are just too cute!!!

  3. sometimes the rushed trips are the best trips, they look like they all had a great time


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