High Five For Friday

Friday, September 26, 2014

Let's jump right into some of my favorite moments from this week.

1.) My sister gave Baby K this cute little South Carolina Gamecocks outfit when she was first born and she is now finally able to wear it for football season. Such a cutie! K had quite a lot of fun playing with the skirt.

2.) I have been working 10 hours a week with Roanoke Children's Theatre for 3 weeks now and I am having a blast. It is so great to work for a company that truly appreciates allowing young people access to quality art.

3.) This really cracked me up - Baby K woke up from a nap earlier this week kind of sad. To cheer her up we started watching videos (of HER!) on the ipad and she was fascinated. She kept wanting more and would just sit there and smile at herself on the screen.

4.) Christine Caine is one of my most favorite people to hear preach. I follow her on every social media channel I can and always enjoy how encouraging she is. This quote really spoke to me because I have seen with my own eyes how true it is! God has a plan for us all and even though in the moment things might look bleak, keep going because greatness is just around the corner. I have had this play out in my own life and it is always amazing to see what God has delivered me from.

5.) My daughter has such a cute wardrobe and she totally pulls off the pattern mixing. I am in love with this outfit that she wore earlier this week: polka dots, stripes and Freshly Picked moccasins.

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  1. the South Carolina Gamecocks outfit is too cute.

  2. That outfit is way too fabulous! Baby K looks so precious!

    BTW, I love your blog! I'm a fellow PINK lover, so you had me at the pursuit of pink ;)! New follower!

  3. For some reason seeing little kids and babies in college attire always makes me smile. It looks like Baby K likes it too :)

  4. Stopping in from the link-up... love that quote for #4... I'll have to check more of her stuff out. And I love how cute your daughter looks in her football outfit!

  5. OMG, isn't she precious! I seriously need some baby mochs! My girl just has itty bitty toes still!

  6. Oh my goodness what a smile she is so precious


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