Showing Some Gratitude

Thursday, September 4, 2014

In life, you can never be thankful enough. Every day is a blessing, everything I have been given makes me grateful for this life I have. I believe in showing gratitude and thanks for all levels of blessings, even the little things. So here are some much needed thank yous I need to send out:

To CoffeeMate for making Peppermint Mocha Coffee Creamer available all. year. long. Now I have the opportunity to taste Christmas in my mouth every single morning.

Which reminds me, thanks to my bestie Erica for telling me that there's only 112 days until Christmas and there are only 16 more shopping weekends left!

A huge thank you to Rodan + Fields for allowing me to go foundation free more often than not.

Facebook and Instagram, words can't express my gratitude for sucking me in and offering me hours of entertainment, even when I didn't know I was bored. Really, how did you know?

McDonald's, really you outdid yourself with your 99 cent chicken nuggets on Tuesdays. I mean seriously, 12 nuggets for 2 bucks? Dinner is happening! :)

And Netflix, you do it again and again...offering me so many terrific tv shows to fall asleep to. Thanks for introducing me to Once Upon A Time and Army Wives and Parenthood and Hart of Dixie and Scandal and the new Dallas and...

Sephora, I didn't know how much I loved you until you were gone. But you have a pretty rockin' website and customer loyalty program that is keeping me mighty happy.

My Sperrys deserve a pretty big thanks as well. This recovering high heel addict sure thanks you for keeping my feet looking cute while also providing a ton of comfort. And oh my goodness, the compliments. I had no clue that so many people loved Sperrys. Where have you been all my life?

and finally

The Wheels on the Bus, you might be annoying to some people but boy are you a life saver to me! When I have a fussy child, all I have to do is sing your catchy little tune and my precious red head immediately starts smiling. I need some additional lyrics for a long car ride though. I've started adding seahorses and New Jerseyans to our rendition.


  1. Love netflix and hulu. It the only way to watch stateside show. I just got my first pair of sperry's this year and I wear them all the time.

  2. I love Hart of Dixie, great show!

  3. Netflix is the best!! And Once Upon A Time is my favorite!!!! The new season starts this month!!

  4. These aregreat and I second the wheels on the bus song!

    Aesthetic Lounge

  5. I love my Sperrys.... I resisted for a while, but once I gave in I was in love! I recently discovered what the fuss was about Toms too... comfort never felt so good!


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