The Obligatory Family Post

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

One thing I love about the internet and this here blog is that it keeps me so connected with people, especially as Baby K gets bigger and changes on the regular. We snap pictures of her like crazy, but I don't always remember to post them or e-mail them or actually do anything with them other than scroll through the album on my phone 525, 600 times a day.

So I figured, give the people what they want! And by people, I mean Grammaroo and Gma. So here you go Mom and Kim (and all of Baby K's other fans), pictures of our cute little red head who brings us so much joy.

If you simply haven't had enough of her from ALL of these pics, follow me on instagram. I promise there is an overload of Baby K photos there. Now if someone can teach my Mom how to work instagram, that would be terrific!


  1. What a smiley baby!! I love the picture of her sprawled out on her nursing pillow, lol.

  2. She is so stinkin' cute! I can't take it! I just love the one of her upside down on the boppy!

  3. The second from the bottom is my favorite!

  4. I can't pick a favourite they are all great, but if I was forced to pick one I would pick number 7. We take lots of photos of our first child and not so many of our seconded and even less when we get to number 3...........

  5. Can't get over how big she's getting!



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