Love Me Some Scarves

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Jeans: Old Navy.
Sunnies, Black Shirt and Boots: Target.
Cardigan: LOFT.
Scarf: DSW.
Earrings: Francesca's.
Bag: Michael Kors.

You guys, I might have a problem! I absolutely love adding scarves to my outfits and have realized that I have a lot. And I mean A LOT. 30 to be exact. And I wear every single one of them!!! Scarves are multi purpose in the winter months; they keep me warm and snuggly and add some extra flair to my wardrobe. Just by adding a scarf, I can stretch my wardrobe to get some new looks.

This silver scarf is one of my favorites. I love it because it is so long so I can wear it multiple ways (furthering my outfit options - this scarf thing is genius!). Plus, since its silver and basically a neutral it goes with almost anything in my closet. Not to mention there is a little bit of sparkle in the scarf so I feel kinda glam when I wear it. Who am I kidding, I feel glam in any scarf! Seriously, I have three items that are my go to items if I ever need to feel glam and extra pretty: scarves, a pair of heels and sun glasses. You cannot go wrong with those three things; they will transform you and any outfit! Give it a try.

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  1. scarf are so much fun to wear. I only have 10 or so. I was on a scarf kick last week.

  2. a classy look!!
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  3. Wait, you have 30 scarves? I don't have 30 socks.

  4. I was never really into scarves until last year. Since then, I'm not even sure how many I've amassed. They definitely add a cozy factor to any outfit! I'm really loving this subtle pattern to yours!

  5. our styles are very similar...apparently I was following you via GFC but not bloglovin - Now I'm following on both :) I headed over here from the big giveaway over at Chelsea's blog...thanks for that by the way, I'm seriously hoping I win, but hey...who isn't! haha. come say hi if you get a chance, I love making new blogging buddies!

  6. That scarf is AMAZING!!!


  7. I love scarves too! They really are the perfect accessory. I recently bought a scarf holder from IKEA and was surprised to see how full it is!!

  8. I have a scarf obsession as well! By the way, DYING over your MK bag. I have a couple and I have been eying some of the gray styles...because that's a color I'm lacking and apparently I need one in every color. :)

    Found you on the Style Sessions link up.


  9. I have a love for scarves too. I love the texture of this one you are wearing and it's a great colour. I feel lost without a scarf when I go to work at this time of year. I always feel so much more cosier! :-)

  10. Now I really want more scarves... ;-)

  11. I love how the pattern of your scarf looks against your zebra print top! So pretty! :)


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