Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I don’t know about your neck of the woods, but we experienced some pretty warmer than usual temps for January recently and I wish the warmer winter temps would stay. I took advantage of the warmish weather and put on my chiffon top, it’s so light and breezy – I love it. Plus the top goes with so many things in my closet. I can dress it up or down and still feel great and pulled together.

Another item I love in this outfit is my hat. I bought this hat years ago and still think it was such a great purchase. EVERY time I wear it people comment and say how much they like it. It could be that I don’t wear hats that often so it’s something different for people to see me in, but I don’t care. I appreciate the feedback whenever I wear it.  Plus the bonus of wearing the hat is that I don’t worry about my hair all day long. I know the hat is keeping things under control and I don’t have to worry about the wind coming and messing up all of my hard work. That’s a total win in my book.

Basics are always great additions to any wardrobe because you can mix and match your clothes with so many other options. This black chiffon top and grey hat are great basics/neutrals for me to have in my closet because I have been able to wear them on numerous occasions with so many things. I totally live by having a closet full of basics and good classic pieces that way I can follow the rules they teach on What Not to Wear. You know, this shirt goes with this pair of pants and this skirt goes with this sweater and this sweater goes over that dress...and so on. So you have an interchangeable wardrobe. 
Hat: Kohl's (old). Chiffon Shirt: Genesis. Tank: Old Navy. Jeans: Macy's. Shoes: DSW (old). Earrings: Target.

I'm linking up with the Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesdays. Pop over to Lindsey's site, she started the link up to keep herself accountable and out of her sweats. And there are tons of cute, fashionable ladies who link up with her each week.


  1. I love the black chiffon - and the polka dots underneath are so much fun!

  2. Sassy! Chiffon is so pretty and I love the style of those jeans!


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