So About Those Royals

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I have this thing for the royals. (Don't we all?) I've always loved the royals, I feel like it’s part of who I am. I mean, my middle name is Diana. And my entire life when asked what my middle name was, my response was always "Diana like the Princess."
(Side note, a co-worker once told me that the day would come when someone would say "who?" in response to my statement. I hope that day doesn't come for awhile.)

In high school I had a HUGE crush on Prince William and even day dreamed about inviting him to accompany me to my high school prom (he would have been a MUCH better date than my actual date). Hey, I know it seemed like a crazy dream, but these things really happen. At least they happen in movies. He was my ultimate heartthrob as a teen; I had the poster hanging on my wall to prove it!

I'm not quite sure where my love for the royals came from, but I just have a thing for them. For starters, their lives fascinate me, especially since I live in a country without a royal family. Being a Southern gal, I love good manners and who has better manners than the royal family? The etiquette! And being someone that loves fashion and personal style, I simply adore Kate's style. Even before she married Prince William, I would buy up Us Weekly if it had Kate on the cover, because I knew a fashion spread of what she wore would be included. Her style is so classic, feminine and put together. If only Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen wanted to design a dress for me! I just adore her style.



I suppose that my fascination with the royals started before I was even born. My mother got up early to watch Princess Diana walk down the aisle; I’ve heard my father tell that story a dozen times in my life. So of course when it was time for Kate and William to get married, of course I got up early to watch the festivities. I was glued to the computer all day! Bonus: Kate and William got married only one month after Tolar and I did!

I just keep finding all of these similarities between myself and the royals that really make me look like a stalker fall in love with them more.
-We picked the same year and season to get married!
-We are the same age.
-Kate and I will both be 31 when our first child is born (if my baby is born at least one day late that is, but I’ll keep it on the list).
-My middle name is Diana (though when I got married I legally took my Maiden name as my middle name, however the Diana will never be lost).
-Princess Diana and the love of my life share a birthday (he was totally meant to be my husband!).
-Kate and I are both due in July with our babies! I found this news out today and was elated.

Now, I don’t mean for this post to be taken that seriously (ok, maybe just a little). It was all written in fun and gives me an excuse to include lovely pictures of the beautiful Kate Middleton on my blog. And to search Google images for photos of her to gain some fashion inspiration. Yeah, I think that's as good a reason as any to write this post.



  1. I too love the royals..especially Kate! She has the best fashion and is sooo gorgeous! I enjoyed your post, I am happy to know someone else loves them like I do:) Have a great day!

  2. True story: My friends and I threw a Royal Wedding Party at my house when William and Kate got married. There were six of us in our wedding dresses, a few in random bridesmaid dresses, and others in regular clothes. Hats were required.

  3. I thought of you as soon as I heard Kate was expecting in July...and for Baby T being one day late so you are both 31, Ellie was 10 days late!! Well worth the wait though :)


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