Baby K's 3rd Birthday Party

Friday, January 6, 2017

While this blog was on hiatus, a lot of life happened. Nine months of our lives to be exact. And you, my dear readers, missed out on some pretty amazing events in our lives. When I decided to relaunch Pursuit of Pink I wondered what my first few posts would be about. The first thought to pop into my head was "give the people what they want!" and I without a doubt know that what you want is...Baby K!

Kendall turned 3 over the summer and we decided to throw her birthday party at a location instead of our house. There are lots of options in the New River Valley for children's birthday parties, but I am more than THRILLED with our choice of Little Leapers in Blacksburg, VA. If you take anything away from this blog post it should be this: book your child's next birthday party here. Little Leapers did everything right; we were so pleased.

Top 10 Reasons to Book Your Child's Party with Little Leapers:

1.) Princess Appearance.
I don't even want to call this an appearance, because an appearance makes one think that the princess shows up for a few minutes and leaves. That is not the case with the birthday parties at Little Leapers. Elsa showed up at the beginning of the party and was there for the entire thing.

2.) They provide almost everything you need.
Little Leapers offers different options (tiers) to select for the birthday parties, but they all include just about everything you need. From a beautiful cupcake stand, to table cloths, table decorations, banners and more. Even down to the candles (and sparklers!) for the birthday cake.

3.) Dance Lessons.
If you are going to have your birthday party in a dance studio you certainly hope to dance, right? Kendall and her friends got to learn several dances all set to music from Frozen. Everyone got into it, even Dad of the Year, Tolar.

4.) I actually got to enjoy the entire party.
When I host a party in my house, I'm usually so focused on making sure that all of my guests have everything they need that I miss out on fun moments. The Little Leapers staff took care of EVERYTHING so Tolar and I got to participate and enjoy the party. I never felt like I was missing out on anything, I was always right there in the action.

5.) The staff is extremely helpful and organized.
Kendall's party was held in both the dance studio for games/entertainment and the lobby area for food and drinks. While we were in the dance studio playing and laughing, the staff was working behind the scenes to set up the food table fit for a princess and her guests. We walked out of the dance studio and were immediately greeted by a beautifully set table ready for the kiddos to enjoy their party treats.

6.) Elsa was super attentive.
While the children ate, I fully expected Elsa to perhaps converse with the rest of the Little Leapers staff. I would not have faulted her for that at all; it just seemed like a normal thing for her to do. But not at this party! Elsa went around and visited with every single child, talking to them about their favorite food or movie and making them all laugh. I was so impressed with how much care she took to visit with everyone there.

7.) Fun games.
In addition to the dance lesson, Kendall and her friends got to hear the Frozen story, practice walking with plates balanced on their heads (the way a real princess walks) and they even got to play a Frozen version of the limbo.

8.) Elsa helped the birthday girl open her gifts.
I was WOWed by this. Elsa took Kendall by the hand and led her to her gifts and proceeded to help her open everything. This meant that Tolar and I again got to sit back, soak it all in and ENJOY our daughter's party. I never had to stress over anything. I felt as much of a guest as my daughter's friends.

9.) The staff recorded the gifts for us.
You know how at a bridal shower a bridesmaid will usually write down all of the gifts along with who gave them so the bride can send thank you notes? Little Leapers did that for us at Kendall's party. They even titled the list "Princess Kendall." I appreciated that writing down the gifts was even on their radar, I feel like this attention to detail went above and beyond their call of duty!

10.) They clean up everything for you.
When the party was finished and the guests began to leave, we also got to leave (once Princess Kendall said goodbye to all of her guests). The staff cleaned everything up so we didn't have to. They also packed away all of the items I brought and had them ready to go when it was time to leave.

We adored Kendall's Frozen themed birthday and feel like Little Leapers was worth every penny we spent. I cannot recommend them enough. The attention to detail and care for the guests is unmatched. You will truly feel like you are going to a royal ball if you attend a party here. Book them now!!!


  1. 3 years old already and what a cutie she is

  2. Oh my goodness Baby K is GORGEOUS and growing into such a beautiful young girl. I am so glad you're back! Missed you!


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