Favorite Photo Props

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

One of my recent passions is photography. I'm completely self taught and a TOTAL novice, but I really enjoy shooting and finding creative angles for photos. I've picked up plenty of tips since Tolar first bought me a DSLR camera, but the two tips I use the most are:
1.) find the light
2.) use props

Today, I'm sharing my five favorite props to help make your photos pop.

1.) A fun white rug
My absolute favorite prop is my sheepskin rug. If you follow me on instagram, you will see the rug used in so many different ways. I love it because it adds a pop of white, making my photos nice and bright. I also love the texture difference between our wood floors and the fluffy white rug.
And Kendall loves the rug because she pretends it is snow. Any time she sees me taking photos using the rug, she can't wait until I'm finished so she can play with it. It's super cozy too.
You can score this rug for a steal on Amazon.

2.) Paper Shreds
There is a reason that companies package up your online purchases in bright, colorful paper shreds. It makes everything look pretty and fun! I love using paper shreds when I'm taking pictures of products because it help add color and decoration to my photo, without pulling focus from the main object. You can find all sorts of colors of paper shreds at Target or Michael's for around $1.

3.) Snow
If it snows, you can guarantee I'm taking photos. Of course, I love capturing K playing in the show, but I love the awesome background that the snow offers. In my opinion, the snow makes everything look clean, crisp and pristine. I'm hoping for one more good snow storm so I can capture a few more photos.
Also, it is a BIG dream of mine to have professional photos taken of us in formal wear while in the snow. I think those photos are breathtaking!

4.) White/solid color bowls
If you ever plan on taking pictures of your food, grab some solid color bowls and plates. The solid color keeps the focus on the food instead of shifting focus to a busy design. I love using white bowls and plates so the colors in my food can really stand out. Of course if you are making a dish that is going to be white, use a darker color bowl so there is a nice contrast.

5.) Cute kids
When all else fails and you aren't sure what to do to make your photos better, grab a cute kid! :) Lucky for me, my Kendall is used to having her picture taken and I can normally get a good shot of her. And she will usually humor me and hop in photos with me. 99% of the time, if my child is in a photo I instantly love it.

Do you ever use props in your photos? If so, I'd love to hear what your favorites are - leave me a comment below.

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  1. Cute kids always good prop and snow, snow is good too

  2. I don't use props in my photos. Your photo's turned out great.



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