Life is Changing

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

I can't start this post without acknowledging the horrible tragedy that happened in Las Vegas earlier this week. My heart breaks for the hundreds and hundreds of people involved or affected by such a senseless act. Love needs to be our loudest voice. Change needs to happen and it needs to start with us simply loving others. As many of you know, I'm a positive person who appreciates a space with rainbows and butterflies. This blog is that space on the internet for me and will continue to be just that. You will always find love here at Pursuit of Pink. No judgement, no condemnation, no negativity. Simply love. 

It is so hard for me to believe that there are only three months left in 2017. I very vividly remember New Year's Eve night when Tolar and I celebrated with friends. Three couples, six people, stood together in the middle of a cabin in North Carolina and prayed for the upcoming year. Tears were shed as each couple separately was dealing with personal issues/struggles and pleaded with God to make changes. Dreams were shared and bold prayers were said. And here I sit, nine months into the year and I see many changes and promises fulfilled.

The promises fulfilled for my friends are their stories to share, but I can certainly fill you in on what is happening with my family!!!!

The very first thing happened in March of this year. Tolar was in a miserable job that left him barely any time for family time/down time and often kept him traveling for weeks at a time. None of us were happy and Tolar felt like he was just existing. Well God opened a door to a job that kept Tolar close to home (6 minutes down the street to be exact!), had zero travel and plenty of work/life balance. Not to mention he has a pretty incredible boss to go along with the awesome job. Answered prayer...boom!

Next up, after waiting patiently (maybe not always so patiently) for 3 1/2 years to see what our next step would be, Tolar and I signed a contract with Schumacher Homes to build a house! We are thrilled and excited and happy and a bit nervous. We have closed on our loan and picked everything out with the builder, now we are just waiting on permits from our county so we can get started. As soon as we have progress I plan to document everything here and on instagram.

And perhaps our biggest news (although building a house is pretty big news)...
Watch this video for details:

We are overjoyed that Baby #2 is on the way. When our lives took a dramatic turn back in March 2014, we put any thoughts of a second child completely out of our minds. I have always wanted another child, but had to trust that God would line everything up in our lives in His perfect timing. And He did! Kendall is excited to be a big sister and is already talking about everything she plans to teach the baby.
We also already know the gender of Baby #2...
Baby Tolar Gender Reveal

Here I find myself near the end of 2017 and life looks completely different than it did when we started the year. It is amazing to pray bold prayers and look back over your life and see God answering them. We've fought a long road to get to where we are at this point and we are so thankful for every blessing poured out for us. Waiting for answers can be hard, I've had my share of moments wondering when things would turn around for us. But when you are on the other side of things it is incredible to see that God has never left; that He has always been working things out for our good just as He promises.

Enjoy some snapshots capturing life's recent developments:
Big Sister
Tolar Baby 2
New House Schumacher Homes


  1. Yay! Love every bit of this, and can't wait to see more baby Tolar cuteness grace the screens of the interwebs, along with your FANTASTIC style inspiring my own home decor ideas!! Love y'all, and should you ever find yourselves in a cabin in NC again, make sure I know about that ;)!


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