What I Wore: Baby K Edition

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I jokingly put something out on social media a few weeks ago that maybe I should feature Baby K’s outfits in a What I Wore post and several of my friends quickly said YES! I love picking things out for her; I mean the teeny tiny size of baby jeans alone make me squeal with delight. It is so fun matching her socks and hair accessories to her outfits. And oh the headbands! They are just too cute. She lets me dress her in whatever I want – I know this won’t last, so I’m taking full advantage now.

Sweater Dress: Baby Gap (similar).
Tights: Baby Gap.
Headband: Jameson Monroe.
Sheets: Target (similar).


  1. That sweater dress is ADORABLE!!!!


  2. Oh my goodness she is so cute :-) xx


  3. soooo cute!! dressing a girl is SOOO much fun!

  4. She looks so damn adorable, love the red and black

  5. She's such a cutie! I love her outfit! :-)


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