Snowed Out!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Well happy Winter Weather Monday to everyone! We have had quite the weekend full of snow while visiting Tolar's parents in Southern Illinois. It is very rare for them to get a lot of snow but for the past two years they got a TON of snow! Both times when we were visiting. Causing schools to close,  our plans to get cancelled and us to get snowed in.

The snowed in part while I'm out of town is awesome because I can just relax without having to worry about laundry or washing dishes or checking on other things around the house. And we get a ton of family time just catching up with each other. But the part that sucks is that the winter storm they received while we were there has made it's way east and is hitting the Washington, D.C. area as I type.

And that lovely winter storm has us snowed out of home! Yep, we spent all day Sunday trying to make it home. But sadly that didn't happen as all flights to D.C. were cancelled. (Insert the biggest sad face you can find here)

Poor Baby K was trapped in her car seat for a large part of the day and she totally deserves to have thrown a huge fit. But she didn't! My baby is awesome! She was a total champ all day long, putting us adults to shame. God sure gives you what you need and He blessed us with a very happy and travel friendly baby. We needed that more than anything after the day we had traveling back and forth from Anna, IL to Nashville, TN. I'm so thankful for her calm demeanor and super smiley face. I feel it's necessary I tell you that she is currently asleep in her carseat right next to me as I type this ON MY PHONE. Yep, our kid rocks. I'm so proud of her.

I know there is a lesson in what we just endured: being in the car for six plus hours, having our flight delayed multiple times, making it thru security with ALL of our crap only to get to our gate and find out our flight is cancelled. Then poor Tolar had to wait in the longest line ever to try and get us a flight home. It seriously was a bad day!  Thank goodness Tolar's parents stuck around so we could travel back home with them.

But we survived! And not only did we survive, we all were still talking to each other by the end of the day. And our sweet babe continued to give us smiles upon smiles. Hopefully one day we will learn the lesson from our day, but today I'm choosing to be thankful for a very happy baby, an awesome hubby who knows how to travel and an extra day I get to spend holding my baby instead of sitting at my work desk. 

I feel it's best to find the positive in situations and that's what I will continue to do today! As you read this we are probably on our way to St. Louis hoping and praying our flight to D.C. will happen. I'll catch ya when we get back to town and things calm down!

If you take anything away from this post, please take away that there is ALWAYS a positive...ALWAYS!

Since I typed this on my phone I don't have much to share as far as visuals go, so enjoy this pick of Baby K and her wild hair...hopefully mine won't look like this tomorrow.


  1. Ah so sorry you can't get home, I bet that is frustrating!! On the bright side, baby K is looking so precious in that picture with her wild hair and those precious chubby cheeks!! ADORABLE!

  2. I hope that you make it home safely today and that the weather doesn't cause any more travel issues!

  3. Yuck. Delays in the airport are the worst! How can you not smile with that sweet babe and her adorable hair do? :)

  4. Oh I have no idea what that is like since it doesn't snow here but I do know that is one bloody cute baby.......

  5. I love this picture of Baby K! classic!

  6. I'm sorry things weren't going well and travel plans had to change. But Yay for the babe doing so well!!! :-)


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