Eye Makeup Tutorial

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Putting on eye makeup is my favorite part of my morning routine because I can see the most evidence of improvement change just by using a few simple products. And I often receive compliments on my makeup, so I pride myself on a job well done. But I have a secret for all of you fab ladies – you don’t need super expensive products to achieve great results. In fact, my secret weapon (and most often requested beauty tip) is none other than a Cover Girl eye shadow! Yep, this bad boy is a tried and true product going on 12 years now!

I thought I would offer you an eye shadow tutorial since I frequently get asked how I put on my makeup. So here you go.

Disclaimer: You get to see me without my eyebrows penciled in (my friend Kate would not approve!) and you get up close and personal views of a chicken pox scar on my nose (if only I could go back and tell my third grade self not to scratch at those things!).

Let’s start with the products. You can see, I use a mix of affordable products from a drug store, plus a few higher end cosmetics. I got that Eyeko eyeliner from Birchbox and I adore it!

I start with my secret weapon, Cover Girl Eye Shadow in Champagne. I spread the color all over my eyelids, even up to the brow bone like this:

Then using an eye shadow brush, I apply Clinique’s Like Mink Eye Shadow to the crease of my eye.

I trace the crease several times and actually make the line a little thicker than the natural crease in my eyelid, that way you can see the color. I also bring the line of shadow out to be even with my eyebrows.

Using a smudge brush, I blend the Like Mink color so you don’t see harsh lines.

Then I carefully line my eyelids with eyeliner, right next to my eyelashes. Sorry I don’t have a pic for this, but I pull the corner of my eyelid taught and start from the middle and work my way out in both directions. I love Eyeko because it is basically a marker and it goes on so easily.

Next up are my eyebrows. I shape them up using a brush (this Maybelline eyebrow pencil comes with a brush built in!) then fill in my brows with the pencil. I don’t apply a lot, because I want my brows to look natural not painted on. I finish by brushing out my brows again.

And finally, I apply two coats of mascara. Simple enough huh?

Here is the finished product
(mascara is amazing!)

And here is a different view

I hope this helps and perhaps it gives you an idea on how to change up your normal routine. I use the same techniques daily, but will often change up the eye shadow color I use in my crease. But I NEVER go without my Champagne eye shadow, that baby is a keeper.

Leave me a comment if you have any questions.



  1. Very nice. I like the light colors you use. I tend to go for those colors in shadows myself.

  2. Love this, Lindsay! Great tutorial and you always look fabulous. I'm a fan of the champagne eyeshadow too!

    1. You are always so sweet - from one fab and beautiful lady to another. XOXO

  3. This is great! I may have a slight obsession with makeup, so it's always fun to see how others apply their own!

  4. Love it! You look so pretty! I always have a hard time with the crease part, this definitely helps.

  5. Too funny, there are very few people who have seen me without my eyebrows on ;)


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