Spring 2021 Box from Decocrated

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Thank you Decocrated for sponsoring this post. ALL opinions stated below are completely my own.

If you follow me over on instagram, it is no secret to you that I am a HUGE fan of Decocrated Curated Home. To catch you up, Decocrated is a quarterly/seasonal subscription box that ships 6-9 home decor items straight to your door. 

Decocrated 2021

One thing that makes Decocrated so great is that the items from each new season can be interchangeable with items from previous boxes. Receiving a new box every quarter helps me freshen up my house and get excited for the new season to arrive. I've been receiving boxes from Decocrated for 2 years now and I still get so giddy each time a new box arrives. The items included in the boxes are always so unique and quite useful! Oftentimes, items in each box will have dual purposes or two sides, helping me to really get my money's worth!

I probably say this every time I receive a new box, but I REALLY mean it this time. The Spring 2021 box is SO GOOD!!!! I've got places to use every piece all over my house. The color palette for the Spring box includes pinks, pale blues and turquoise. That color palette lends itself to allowing you to add florals all throughout your house so you can usher in Spring.

Decocrated 2021 Spring Box items

In the Spring 2021 box you will receive:
-a beautiful art print
-collection of wooden books
-long tray
-picture frame with a clip to easily change out artwork/pictures
-reversible pillowcase
-floral wall art (2)

Now that we've been staying home more often, it is important for me to LOVE the items I use to decorate. Decocrated boxes have helped since the pieces in each box are so beautiful and fun to use when decorating. I love moving all of the different pieces around my house each season and coming up with new ways to incorporate them into my decor. If you ever get stuck with how to use a piece, the geniuses at Decocrated have your back! Each box comes with a design booklet to give you inspiration for how to use the pieces in your home. So if you like home decor, but you feel lost, I highly suggest that you check out Decocrated. They do the shopping for you, deliver it to your house each season and then tell you how to use each piece. That sounds like a no brainer for me!

If you like what you see here and want to sign up for Decocrated, be sure to use my discount code to score a good deal.
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Use code LINDSAY15 for $15 off quarterly or annual subscription.
The annual subscription gives you 4 boxes of home decor at a super deep discount.

One question I get asked a lot is if you can pick out the items that come in your Decocrated Box. You don't pick them out yourself, but I think that is what truly makes this such a unique home decor experience. To get an idea if Decocrated is right for you, below you will find a series of pictures that include the sets of items from previous boxes.

Decocrated Winter 2019
Decocrated Winter 2020
Decocrated Spring 2019
Decocrated Spring 2020
Decocrated Summer 2020
Decocrated Fall 2019


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