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Wednesday, August 5, 2015


It is no secret, I ADORE photos. And I especially love professional photos and think it is important to hire someone to document exciting times during your life.

But here is my problem...I invest in having a professional photographer take our photos, I share them on facebook and on my blog and then I'm done. I don't print and frame our photos as often as I would like (even though I have the grandest of intentions) - with the exception of our wedding photos, I printed the heck out of those!

My dear friend Heather is a VERY talented photographer. Years ago she took some photos for Tolar and I because I wanted a good photo for our Christmas card. Well I am embarrassed to admit that the ONLY photo that ever got printed from the incredible photo session we had with her (click here to see them!) was the photo that made our Christmas card. Until now...

Minted came to my rescue. Did you know that Minted has so much more than just stationery and Christmas cards? They also have custom art prints which are BEAUTIFUL. There are so many prints to choose from and you can customize them all with photos of you and your family.

I instantly fell in love with the XOXO / Hugs and Kisses art print. I use XOXO as my signature on virtually everything, so I felt like this art was made for me. Also, when I started selecting photos for the print, I LOVED how the photo on the bottom "O" fit so perfectly with the curve in my back.

The XOXO is a unique way to showcase four different photos instead of just using the same, boring 5x7 rectangle frame. And because of the unique display, this piece is definitely a conversation stater. :) I decided that my poor desk needed a little dressing up, so I placed this piece there - maybe it will give me some inspiration too. I previously purchased this incredible Heart Snapshot Mix from Minted and really love it too. I plan to eventually hang both of these prints together on the wall above my desk.

I selected the 11x11 size for both of the prints that I have, but there are so many more size options. The flexibility of the size options makes it fun to plan a gallery wall. And speaking of gallery walls, all of the custom art prints would fit nicely into any gallery wall. There are so many options: from collages, to state prints, to single prints with a little flair of design, there is definitely something for every taste.

One final thing, the quality of the prints is on point. Everything is printed on museum quality paper, so you know that you treasured photos will stand the test of time.


  1. mint has so many great items to pick from. BTW love the new layout

  2. I LOVE that art print!! It's so perfect! I didn't know Minted had that, so now Ill definitely be checking that out! thanks for sharing, friend!! Hope your day is off to a good start!


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