The Weekend...Is Almost Here Again

Thursday, June 11, 2015

I was supposed to post this on Monday and well, hello Thursday!!! This week has definitely gotten away from me and I cannot believe that tomorrow is the weekend. NOT that I am complaining about that one bit!

Last weekend we attended a really cool event called Wheels and Wagons and I just had to share the pictures. The town of Blacksburg hosted the event where firetrucks, police cars, safety vehicles, buses, snow plows, dump trucks and more were on display. But, they weren't just there for the kids to look at them; the kids could actually climb inside and explore everything too. What an experience getting to see what all of the vehicles look like from the inside! I think Tolar and I had just as much fun as Baby K. The best part? The event was COMPLETELY free. I was amazed at just how many vehicles there were and that the policemen and other workers were really in to showing the kids how everything operated. I learned quite a bit myself.

And of course, there were rides on a fire truck and a town bus. We might have taken four trips on the bus because K loved it so much! The event was a blast, as you can see by the crazy amount of pictures I took. We cannot wait for Wheels and Wagons next year!


  1. How fun!!! She looks SO tiny next to those big tires and vehicles!! So glad you guys had a good time--and YAY for the weekend almost being here!!

  2. Oh my gosh, how much fun! We have something like this called BIG truck day in Baltimore, it's a lot of fun! Also a pink police car, seriously! Baby K is SO adorable!


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