High Five For Friday

Friday, June 26, 2015

This has been a crazy, jam packed week!!! We had Baby K's 2nd birthday party at home, celebrated Father's Day, traveled to visit Tolar's family, celebrated K's actual birthday with another party and swam, swam, swam.

1.) We had a blast celebrating Baby K's birthday with a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse themed party! It was so fun to see her and her little friends playing together all afternoon.

2.) We bought K a tent (shaped like Sophia's castle) for her birthday and she loves it, crawls into it all the time. All of the balloons from her birthday made their way into the tent and this gem of a picture occurred, too precious.

3.) We have been swimming all week at my mother in-law's house and K has been having a blast. She has been quite the fish and stayed in the pool almost all day! This tube was a highlight for her - there is a mesh bottom, making it so fun.

4.) Swimming has been on our to do list all week, I love all the time we are getting to spend with family in the pool!

5.) On K's actual birthday her cousin and GMa threw her a Minnie Mouse party. She definitely loved the cake this year as opposed to the crying fit she threw over cake last year.

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  1. So much cuteness! The balloon photo is still super adorable to me--I think you should get that framed or at least make it your phone background because she is just too cute in it!
    Glad you guys have had a good week--hope the weekend isn't as crummy as they are predicting weather-wise!

  2. Sounds like you guys have been having a great summer so far.


  3. <3 Your little girl is getting cuter and cuter... If that's even possible! :-)


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