High Five For Friday!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Well hello weekend! You were definitely missed.

Here are some top moments from my week:

1.) Baby K turns 2 next week and she has spent the past two years facing backwards in her car seat. We turned her seat around to make room for an additional car seat for my nephew who is visiting, so she had her last ride facing the back. How is my baby almost 2???

2.) Like I said above, my nephew is visiting and that just makes Baby K so happy. She wakes up every single morning asking for him and gets super excited when she gets to play with him. Their relationship is so cute and heart warming.

3.) Tolar got to play in a softball tournament over the weekend. His team played four games - three of them back to back.

4.) One night this week, Tolar and I braved a restaurant with two kids both 2 years old and under. Normally we have backup, but this time it was just us and we all had a blast. The kids were so well behaved and kept us laughing all night.

5.) Some great news happened this week, the incredible Rodan + Fields eye cream that was previously sold out came back in stock! This stuff is awesome and has kept me looking bright eyed and totally removed my sister's dark circles. To celebrate this amazing product, I'm giving an eye cream away over on instagram. Just click here and look for the below photo - all you have to do to enter is tag some friends.

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  1. Baby K can't already be 2! Either way, she is absolutely adorable, and the photos of her with her cousin are super cute too. Way to go managing a dinner out with both of them--rock stars!!!
    Hope you guys have a fantastic weekend!!

  2. I have been wanting to try that eye cream! Thanks for posting that it is back in stock.

  3. glad you had a great week. Have a great weekend.

  4. Ohhhhh I want to know more about this eye cream!

  5. Oh how exciting to be turning around the car seat! We did that once because it was the best way for it to fit in the car, and my little one loved it. Can't wait for her to turn to two to make that permanent. Sounds like you've had such fun with your nephew visiting! I'm sure your house is full of so many giggles. Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

    Katie @ Cup of Tea


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