Simple Moments Change Everything

Monday, June 8, 2015

I didn't think I was going to post today because I just never got around to blogging over the weekend. My to do list takes over my life sometimes and then by the end of the weekend I am exhausted and just want to veg out on the couch and watch Gilmore Girls (my current Netflix series I'm working my way through).

But then God uses simple moments to completely change my day. Below is what I posted on instagram and felt like maybe one of you needed to read this little reminder too. And while you are checking everything out, why don't you come follow me over on instagram. Even if I'm not posting on the blog, I definitely have pictures to post over there. I'd love to interact with you! So come follow and leave me some comments!

THIS MAY BE LONG, BUT MAYBE YOU NEED TO HEAR IT. I HOPE IT BLESSES YOU. This morning I woke up tired and weary and a bit defeated and really just wanted to stay in bed. I even told Tolar that "I didn't want to adult today." Well, I think God used my family to speak to me this morning and remind me just how much He loves me and will be there to give me strength to carry on when I don't think I can continue. It started with an unexpected and extra special hug from Tolar. Usually our mornings are rushed trying to get Tolar out the door for work that all we have time for is quick peck. But this morning Tolar grabbed me into a bear hug, just what I needed. Then later, K and I headed to the store for our normal Monday morning grocery trip. And she was a complete angel! This isn't always the case for a curious toddler who prefers to be on the move instead of stuck sitting still in a grocery cart. But she was so good and we had a fantastic time together. And the cherry on top of everything just happened...while sitting on the couch together K leaned over, nuzzled her head into my side and said (unprompted) "I love you Mommy!" Thank you Jesus for these special moments that to some may seem small, but to this tired Mama they were exactly the fuel I needed. God is good, all the time. He hears your cries, He cares about your wants and He will carry you on when you think you have nothing left. #thankfultolars #love
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  1. Love!!! So glad that you were given the small but most meaningful things that you needed! And what a gift that you were able to recognize them, and then share them with us!!

  2. So sweet, Lindsay! Brought tears to my eyes. xo

  3. So bloody true my friend those simple things can make a day

  4. I love your unashamed honesty, and that you were able to recognize these sweet gifts from God! :)


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