I Couldn't Live Without...Makeup Primer

Thursday, March 19, 2015

I'm a makeup lover, I always have been. I love trying new products and finding items that I can't live without and I have found a real winner!

While on vacation in Florida I popped into Sephora (oh how I miss having a Sephora close by) and picked up a few items to try. One item that I am pretty sure will not be leaving my makeup bag anytime soon is a makeup primer from Smashbox. I am totally loving the Photo Finish Foundation Primer Light from Smashbox; hands down the best primer I have ever used.

Before I tell you why I love it, let me tell you a little bit about Smashbox. The people behind Smashbox are the great grandsons of Hollywood makeup legend Max Factor. During a photo shoot, they kept seeing makeup artists constantly stepping in to reapply makeup and wondered why isn't there a makeup that is created to last. And so Smashbox (named after Smashbox Studios) was born. Their products are designed to last!

Which is why I am in love with this primer. I have never had my makeup last as long, under stressful situations, as when I wear this primer. Yes, I've tried a lot of primers in my life, but nothing has helped my makeup hold even when I am sweating a bit and stressed out. The Photo Finish Primer helped to extend my makeup and kept me matte all day long.

This past Sunday was a pretty crazy Sunday at church - all for good reason. We had a record nine toddlers (ages 3-6) in our Sunday School class and I was the only adult with them. You have me, already a little warm and starting to get stressed out because I'm nervous Baby K will cry the whole morning that she is away from me. Then throw in nine toddlers, five of who are brand new to our church. Every single one of them wants to do something different and no one wants to listen to me. It definitely got stressful and I felt my face getting hot. (And here is where I have my important shout out to my friend Heather for stepping in and helping me with the children!!!!) But when church was over and I had a chance to look at myself in the mirror, I realized I wasn't shiny and my makeup was still very much intact. I had high hopes for this primer and all of my expectations were exceeded!

The primer is light and works on oily skin, which is my number one skin problem. I can honestly tell you that when I wear this primer, I don't have to worry about looking oily. This stuff rocks! Simple as that.

After trying out the primer and loving the results, I can't wait to try out more Smashbox products. I'm definitely hooked.


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  1. I never cared about a primer until I used one, haha. I'm getting low on my MK primer, so I might have to try this smash box once I'm out.

  2. Primer is AMAZING!! I haven't tried this kind but I'll keep it in mind when I need another!

  3. Primer is so so important! Besides how long it lasts, you also get a better foundation application. Arbonne's primer is my personal favorite.

  4. Primer is so great! I do need to try this one!


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