Monday, March 2, 2015

Well, I wanted to title this post family time, but it appears after spending four days with my sister, my brother in-law and my nephew the only pictures I took are of my  nephew and Baby K. So cousins seemed way more of an appropriate title.

I'm so thankful for the circumstances in our life, no matter how upsetting everything has been. Because if we had not gone through everything we went through, we never would have moved South. And had we not moved South, I probably wouldn't have been able to come visit and watch my nephew while his daycare provider was out of town. So that is another reason that I'm thankful for where I'm at - it allows me precious, precious time with my family.

Baby K (or KK as her cousin calls her) and my nephew have the cutest relationship. They follow each other around all day long, copy what the other one is doing and genuinely have a good time with each other. The giggles that come out of them both fill me with such happiness. I really enjoy watching the two of them interact; cute doesn't even begin to describe it.

So here is an embarrassing amount of photos of the cutest kids around.


  1. A post filled with cute kids is always a good post! Loved all of the super cute pics--they are adorable together!!

  2. What adorable cousin pictures. They are so stinking cute. Cousins are so much fun :)!

  3. looks and sound like the kiddo's had a lot of fun

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  4. I think for most of us our cousins are our first friends, it is at our cousins place that we will often have our first sleep over this is because their parents are people we can trust and feel comfortable leaving our child with


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