Spring Break at Disney

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

We are back home after a lovely week in sunny Florida visiting my two uncles. Since Tolar is in school and has a flexible schedule that includes time off for Spring Break, we decided to take advantage of the time and go visit family (once he's back to working we won't always have this luxury!). And lucky us, not only did we get to visit Florida, but we got to take Baby K on her first visit to Disney World. If I told you that we had a blast, that would be an understatement.

I have known and loved Disney my entire life thanks to my fabulous Uncle Walt having started his career there the month I was born. He has blessed me with visits to the magical place of Disney World more times than I can count. I know just how lucky I am to have such a great uncle who has given me a lifetime of fun memories. But I have to say, the most magical time was watching my daughter enjoy it!

Baby K loves Mickey and was in heaven as soon as we set foot on Disney property - there were Mickeys everywhere and she pointed them all out to us. We took her on rides, saw parades, ate yummy food, chased bubbles, saw characters walking around and got to meet Mickey! I must say, I was a bit nervous about how K would react around Mickey because she cried when we went to see Santa this past Christmas. But my girl totally wowed us all. While we waited our turn to meet him, she pointed and said his name a zillion times. Then when Mickey motioned for us to come over, K acted totally comfortable. She pointed out Mickey's nose, ears, mouth and shoes and even proclaimed "MICKEY" while he was talking to her. Mickey asked for a hug, but K was a bit reserved there. She did think he was cool enough for a high five though! And the shock of my life came when she let Tolar and I walk away and stood for a picture with him. At other times during our trip, if Tolar and I were not within arms reach she would start crying and run after us. But if you are Mickey Mouse then suddenly K is in good hands.

The entire Mickey meet and greet made our visit to Disney. To see my child interact with her favorite character and to see her not be shy was just thrilling. And then to see the pure joy on her face as she ran towards a table full of Mickeys and promptly picked one up for a hug...well you know how that ended. Yep, Baby K you just keep being as cute as you are and your Daddy and I will buy you whatever you want!

One thing I love about Disney is that there is so much to experience. I have been to Disney a lot (thanks again Uncle Walt) and my uncle always makes it magical for us. This time we got to go to Fort Wilderness to see the Hoop Dee Doo Revue. I've heard about this show a lot as I have several friends who were performers in it through the year, but never got to see it. Well Uncle Walt took care of that! It was a lot of fun for us all.

Thank you Uncle Walt and Winfield for an amazing visit! You made everything magical and we had so much fun.
And now for your viewing pleasure...you're welcome Mom!

(Sadly Baby K got a little stomach bug the last night of our trip, which made for quite the interesting ride home. But we still had a great time.)


  1. My, how spring breaks in Florida chance, hahaha ;)! Looks like a wonderful time at Disney! Baby girl looks so cute in her sunnies!

  2. Looks like you guys had such a good time!!! Baby K is ADORABLE in her Minnie Mouse sunglasses! Perfect for a cute little girl! :)

  3. It looks like it was a very fun trip! The kids always love to see pictures of their cousin, but pictures of baby K with Mickey was the icing on the cake for Jenibelle.

  4. Oh what bloody marvelous photos I would love to be able to go to Disney one day it looks like a fun place to visit

  5. I love your sweet little family! :)


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