What Tolar Wore

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

I received complimentary items from State Traditions for review purposes. All opinions are completely my own.

I am so giddy and excited about this post, you have no idea. After being my photographer and taking countless photos of me to post here on Pursuit of Pink, Tolar finally stepped out from behind the camera and allowed me to capture him!!!

My Tolar, he is a jeans and t-shirt type of guy and I love it! One thing that instantly drew me to Tolar was that he didn't really care what people thought of him. He knows what he likes and feels comfortable in and he makes sure to wear that as often as possible. (Side note: thanks for putting on a suit for all of those fundraising galas Tolar, I know you hated it!) Please tell me that I'm not the only one who is insanely jealous of men and the fact that they can wear a t-shirt and jeans and look completely pulled together? A t-shirt and jeans on me does not say pulled together at all. But on Tolar, he's ready for anything and looks amazing in the process!

Ever since we moved to SW Virginia, one thing has become extremely apparent to us. There is some serious state pride down here. And more than that, there is some serious college pride since we are only a few minutes away from Virginia Tech! The people down here are just so proud of where they live and we love that. So Tolar and I were very happy to join in the fun and show our state (or college) pride. Check out his hat and t-shirt from State Traditions. Yes, we are aware that he is sporting both the Virginia Tech and UVa colors, hey we love all things Virginia in the Tol House!

I love that State Traditions offers up clothing showing state and college pride without shoving the specific college in anyone's face. All of their items are tasteful and of top-notch quality. Tolar absolutely loves his hat. It is so soft and fits him perfectly. He comments every time he puts it on how much he likes it and that it looks good on him. Why yes Tolar, yes it does! And the t-shirt and all of the other shirts from State Traditions are nice and thick and super comfy (I might have put his shirt on because I was jealous that he got one!), such great quality. We both love that there is a pocket on the t-shirt. The pocket gives the t-shirt some extra flair and let's be honest, it means that the chances of my having to put something of Tolar's in my purse decreases.

There is so much more to State Traditions than t-shirts and hats. They have shorts, belts, ties, polo shirts, visors, iphone cases, glassware and so much more. And of course, they have items for all states so everyone can show their state pride - not just us here in Virginia. If you are looking for a gift for the man in your life, check out State Traditions. I wish I had known about this shop before Christmas, because I would have had Tolar's present on lock. Now I don't have to worry, State Traditions will be a present shopping stop for sure! 

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