High Five For Friday

Friday, March 6, 2015

I love Fridays because it gives me an opportunity to reflect on all of the good things that have happened during my week. So here we go:

1.) Baby K's hair is growing so fast. It is super long and hangs in her face a lot, so I was finally able to gather it all into a single pony tail. So cute!

2.) When I worked at Mill Mountain Theatre 8 years ago I remember being in the beginning talks of a fundraising campaign for the building where the theatre was located. Well earlier this week, I finally made my way over to Center in the Square (in downtown Roanoke) and was amazed at how awesome the building looks. It's amazing to see everything come to fruition.

3.) My parents took Baby K to see some baby chicks and she had a ball. She kept waving and saying "hi, hi."

4.) Hop over to instagram later today (find me here) because I'm joining some other faith based bloggers for a brand new instagram hop called "Faith Share Friday." Come join us and see what it is all about!

5.) I just had to share this photo! Earlier this week Baby K and I took a road trip to head back home and we had the inevitable pit stop along the way. In the restroom they had a little seat where Baby K could stay put while I used the bathroom (sorry TMI). She LOVED the seat and thought it was so much fun. I loved it because I didn't have to worry about her touching gross things. Win win.

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  1. Gotta give it up to contraptions that make mommy hood easier! Love Baby K's cute little ponytail! And her with the little chicks is so cute!
    I hope you all have a great weekend--did you get a lot go snow? or mainly ice? We got about 6-7" of snow here! I'm so ready for Spring!

  2. Love that pony tail!! My daughters hair is super thin but I try to make (sad, small) pony tails anyway haha

  3. What a super sweet pony tail!! And "hi, hi!" -- too precious!! Hope you and your lit'l cutie pie enjoy a fantastic upcoming weekend!

  4. That bathroom seat is hilarious! They should have them everywhere! That could have saved me a lot of trouble when my daughter was younger!

  5. Seriously why doesn't EVERY bathroom have those seats!!! AMAZING!!! :) Also, loving Faith Share Friday!!! :)

  6. This is absolutely precious! I'm so glad I found your blog and I'm going to follow it. I am a Christian too and just started a lifestyle blog this week at the age of 43! I definitely call that a leap of faith! But I think it's something I definately need to be doing and have always wanted to. My husband is my tech guy and we have a lot to learn but will get there. Have a super and blessed weekend!


  7. Her hair in a pony is super cute! So precious!


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