Taking Stock...Or Something Like That

Monday, May 5, 2014

Making...plans for Mother's Day weekend. I just found out that one of my childhood friends (we met on the first day of Kindergarten) will be in my hometown for a few weeks this month. And it just so happens that Tolar and I also decided that we would all head to my parents' house for the weekend. So excited for family time and to catch up with my dear friend.

Cooking...oh yeah, that thing I love to do, but never make time to do it. Hmm, guess it will be grilled ham and cheese sandwiches for dinner.

Drinking...nothing at the moment, but thinking about the grape soda in my fridge.

Reading...still reading The House at Riverton. One of these days I will actually finish a book in a decent amount of time. It's been so long since I actually did that, I almost don't remember how.

Wanting...to go shopping. Spring is my favorite season because of all of the dresses and skirts and sandals that I get to wear. I have a DSW gift card burning a hole in my wallet - thanks Marcy!

Looking...at my husband and thinking really? He is watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. :/

Playing...Phase 10 the next time I'm in the mood for a game. I actually have a chance of winning at that game, anything else Tolar beats me...badly.

Wasting...time searching facebook and scrolling through instagram is a daily occurance.

Wishing...for a vacation at an all inclusive resort. I'm so ready to lay by the water for hours on end and have my only decision of the day be what I would like for dinner.

Enjoying...relaxing on the couch. I've been really run down this weekend and have just needed some rest.

Waiting...on 8:30 to get here. There is an awesome call that I'm going to listen to featuring a very successful leader with Rodan and Fields who earned her free Lexus in 9 months with the business.

Liking...the flexibility that my job with Rodan and Fields offers my family. I can seriously do my job wherever I am.

Wondering...if I will ever make an appointment at the Dry Bar. Its kind of a bucket list item to have huge hair. :)

Loving...that my baby sleeps so well. Tolar and I both love to sleep ourselves, so we are very lucky that Baby K took to sleeping through the night at 3 months and has continued that streak. I better Karma Kap that statement though, don't want to jinx us!

Hoping...for no rain this Saturday. My parents want to take us to a fish fry that is outdoors and it POURED down rain last year when we went. I hope the weather is beautiful this time.

Needing...to use my Macro Exfoliator. This product is amazing and leaves my skin so smooth and glowing, all without having to step foot in a dermatologist's office.

Smelling...my neighbor's grill. We have our windows open and are catching some amazing aromas of some glorious meat being grilled. I wonder if we knock on their door if they will invite us for dinner.

Wearing...my pajamas. Baby K is in bed, I'm relaxing on the couch. Nice, cozy night.

Following...the story line of Army Wives and I am hooked! Yep, I'm a Netflix tv series junkie and have recently landed on Army Wives; its so good.

Noticing...that my manicure is chipped, need to remedy that asap.

Knowing...that God is in every situation with me. Sometimes I falter and forget that He is always there, always working on my behalf. But He is constant and wants the best for me. He is always with me.

Thinking...I should make a dentist appointment sometime soon (as I crunch ice).

Feeling...super pumped for the week ahead. A new week, new possibilities.

Bookmarking...the Gerber website. I'm trying to introduce Baby K to more types of foods and need some ideas!

Opening...doors for me is something that I love that Tolar continues to do (even if I tell him to stop). Chivalry is not dead and shouldn't stop just because you are married.

Feeling...very blessed to have the immediate family and extended family that I do. Family is the most important thing to me.

(Thanks to my friend Erin for this fun idea!)


  1. I love this. So cute that your husband still opens doors for you! I completely agree about chivalry.

  2. Man I miss my DSW working and shopping day. Army Wives is such a good show. My one friend got me the 1st season on DVD for my birthday right after it came out.

  3. Oh what a post, you are doing so many things, unlike me I am being lazy the last few days finding the energy to do the daily things is an effort

  4. Great Post Idea...I might steal it too :) Army Wives is such a great show. I was so sad when it ended, because I got so attached to the characters. There were some major crying moments for me with that show too. Have fun back home this weekend! Love you Bestie!


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