Stylish Baby Wipes For A Busy Mama

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Special thanks to Huggies for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

As a first time Mom, I'm constantly learning about new items and products to make my life easier (don't ya wish everything was just put together in a manual for you to read during pregnancy whenever you experience insomnia?). And I have found a terrific product that really helps this OCD/neat freak Mom relax a little bit. 

Being the mama to an infant, there are lots of things to wipe up: messy faces, dirty hands, spills, restaurant tables and high chairs...the list goes on. When out and about, I'm often scrounging around in my diaper bag while keeping Baby K occupied, or asking Tolar to look in the diaper bag and locate something for me when a mess occurs. And with the amount of stuff that is needed to take care of a baby, I keep a lot of things in my diaper bag, making it difficult to locate the specific item in need. 

Now that Baby K is eating real food and eating at the same time we do whenever we go to restaurants, it is understood that a mess will need to be cleaned up (side note: we have started tipping based on the size of the mess on the floor underneath Baby K's high chair in a restaurant). Whenever we get a high chair at a restaurant, I always like to wipe off the chair before we put Baby K in it, just to make sure it is free of spills. And after Baby K eats (especially broccoli which she had for the first time this weekend), there is always a mess on her hands, face and arms. I need to be prepared and have wipes ready at a moments notice and Huggies has come to my rescue.

Check out Huggies new Clutch 'n' Clean Wipes. This is basically a wristlet for wipes, I love it. There is an awesome on the go strap that I really like, because I can secure the package of wipes to wherever I need to in order to keep the wipes close. On Mother's Day, I secured the wipes to Baby K's high chair while we ate dinner, to keep the wipes on hand for the inevitable messes that would occur.

Baby K liked her new "toy."
I also love the resealable package, so you can reload wipes as often as you need. When you first buy the Huggies Clutch 'n' Clean Wipes, there is a package of wipes included.  These are great wipes, they are very heavy and durable and able to handle lots of different messes. There is no messing around with these awesome wipes, they mean business! And oh my goodness, I love the designs of the packaging. I can be cute and stylish while on the go. You know I love a good accessory. The floral print is my absolute favorite. I'm sure moms of boys will love these because the designs are pretty neutral.

So hop on over to a store right now and pick some up for yourself. They are great to attach anywhere - the stroller, the diaper bag, the high chair - wherever you need some wipe cleaning action!


  1. Gonna buy for my Bestie back home who is expecting for the basket I'm putting together for her! Thanks!

  2. I Just bought one of these last week and it has become our new best friend!! It has went to a theme park, a cookout, a swim party, a pizza schindig, and spaghetti night all in one week!! WE LOVE IT!!

  3. This is to cool that huggie came out this a product for people on the go.


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