High Five For Friday

Friday, May 23, 2014

1.) Just hanging out, cuddling with my sweet girl. I love when she leans into me!

2.) Tolar had to go out of town to North Carolina at the beginning of the week and he brought me back some Big K grape soda. Kroger seriously has the BEST grape soda ever.

3.) We watched my friend Marcy's dog overnight and I had to laugh because only her dog (Marcy's a pretty healthy eater and a vegetarian) would be begging for broccoli from Baby K.

4.) My favorite part of any day...coffee.

5.) Baby K and I took a stroll on such a beautiful morning and found a fun fountain.

Hope you enjoy the weekend! Linking up this High Five For Friday post with Lauren Elizabeth.


  1. that too cute about your friends dog. Have a great weekend

  2. Love reading this post..... the Lord knew your desire to be home :) He. Is. Good.
    Thankful for you sweet friend!!!


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