Shopping In My Closet

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I completely forgot that I bought this dress when I did some outlet shopping back in January. I guess that's the problem when you buy something for spring weather in the middle of winter - it gets put into the back of your closet to save for later and poof its forgotten about.

Well yesterday was a great day; the weather was beautiful, the sun was shining, I was in a pretty good mood and I wanted to wear something to reflect that. So I spent a little time looking through every item of clothing I had in my closet, hoping for some sort of inspiration and found this gem. I was so excited! Plus, I was able to pair it with my new wedge sandals so after getting dressed I was feeling great!

I love that the bottom portion of the dress has diagonal stripes, causing a somewhat slimming effect. Because my hips and thighs do not need the kind of help that horizontal stripes provide. And thank goodness this dress has sleeves as I am definitely preferring sleeves to spaghetti straps these days. It is so hard to find a good dress with sleeves, so thank you Gap for doing it right once again.

Dress: Gap Outlet.
Shoes: Target.
Necklace: Crave Jewels.
Bracelet: Lou Lou.

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  1. you look great. I love when I find clothes in my closet that I forgot about.

  2. It takes time to get set up but I highly recommend It's like having a "Clueless" closet. Love it.

  3. You look good I like the shoes and that dress is really great it looks good on you, you have such a great figure


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