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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Thanks to the warmer temps over the weekend, I was in quite the mood to get dressed up for church instead of wearing pants - which I have been wearing constantly. I also decided it was time to dress Baby K up too. As we all know, she has quite the wardrobe and looks so cute in pants, but she also has some great dresses.

This sweet little dress is very special to us. Tolar bought this little dress (picked it out all on his own!) on the same day that we found out Baby K was a girl. He was so stinking excited about having a daughter that he went out and bought tons of things for her. I cried when I saw everything. This is the first time she has been able to wear the dress. Since she arrived three weeks early, she was in newborn clothes for longer than we anticipated. Then when the weather turned cold, I just didn't want to put her in a halter dress. Enter this terrific hot pink cardigan and a warm day and Baby K finally gets to debut her first dress.

On this day, I dressed Baby K first then went and just stared into my closet wondering what I wanted to put on. When I spied this dress I realized we might look a little bit alike, but who cares? My secret to stretching my wardrobe is to use cardigans and tights to transition warmer weather clothes into the colder months. And that's exactly what I did with both Baby K and myself! The tricks of getting dressed apply to everyone - even those under a year!

On Me:
Dress: Kohl's (similar).
Cardigan: Zara (similar).
Tights: Target.
Shoes: Payless.
Bracelet: New York & Company.

On Baby K:
Dress: Buy Buy Baby.
Tights and Cardigan: Carter's.

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  1. I love that you wore coordinating outfits! Daddies and daughters are the sweetest :)

  2. Her little dress is very cute. And I like the pink for professional style too - keeps things interesting. :) If you're interested, I host a weekly Fashionably Employed Link Up to share all sorts of professional style inspiration. I'd love for you to join and think this would make a great contribution. :) Thanks for sharing!

    at http://www.basictrainingcorporatestyle.com/2014/02/rediscovery-fashionably-employed-link-up.html

  3. so so cute! i remember crying the first time i went shopping right after we found out we were having a girl! and love the coordinating outfits! :) you look beautiful!

  4. Visiting from the Random Wednesday Link-up! You two are so cute! Love the pink dresses :)

    <3 Vicki

  5. I love that you two kind of match! And I love the idea of using a cardigan and tights to make a warm weather dress work in the winter. I love making a wardrobe stretch!

  6. Her little dress is so cute and you look great too! That's so sweet that your husband bought her clothes when he found out she was a girl! :) aww!

  7. you both look adorable. I love adding cardigan or long sleeve under or over my tank tops.

  8. how cute! I love those tights by the way - makes me wanna go get some right now! (I even have a gift card to target!) lol

  9. You both looks so pretty and I like your shoes just saying............

  10. your daughter is so beautiful! Her gorgeous red hair and eyes - stunning!
    Great outfit on you as well!

    stopping by from alyssabarnettbeauty.com

  11. You two look awesome!! LOVE the pink!!

  12. You both look fabulous! I love the coordinating outfits.

  13. Newest follower & so happy to find you, my daughter is also a redhead!!!!!!! :)



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