Winter Skin Tips

Monday, January 18, 2016

Winter is here which means frigid temperatures and cold wind can wreck our skin. Even people with oily skin on their face (raises hand) may still have to battle dry skin else where. It's important to take care of your skin daily, even if you aren't going to be in direct sunlight. Did you know that some people don't even think about their skin care unless they are planning a beach vacation?!?! Here are some of my best tips, to keep my skin looking its best every single day.

1.) Drink LOTS of water. Hydrating your skin from the inside out is probably the most important thing you can do. Without enough water, your skin can appear duller and your wrinkles and pores will appear more prominent. No one wants that! When skin is hydrated and plump it is less likely to crack.

2.) Moisturize - your face. It is important to use a moisturizer even if you have oily skin (there are different types/forumlations of moisturizers that you can use depending on your skin type). A moisturizer helps lock in the skin's moisture. Think of it as kind of "sealing" in the work you just did with your cleanser and toner.

3.) Moisturize - your hands. The cold temps and constant hand washing cause my hands to crack in the winter. I make sure to use a cream based moisturizer since it is a thicker substance with more oil to help heal my dry hands. Rodan + Fields has a specific skin care line for sensitive skin and their SOOTHE Moisture Replenishing Cream is a LIFESAVER for my winter hands.

4.) Wash off your makeup. Please don't ever go to bed with your makeup on, this can clog your pores and lead to tons of breakouts.

5.) Exfoliate. When you have excess dry skin or even dry patches, you need to exfoliate your skin and remove the dead skin that is just sitting on your face. Exfoliating can also help you get rid of blackheads and give you a more of a glowing complexion.


To help with winter redness (like you see in the photo above), I'd love to tell you about the Rodan + Fields Soothe Regimen. This Regimen is designed to help treat people with sensitive, dry or irritated skin. I use it on my hands daily to treat my dry, cracked skin. Soothe calms, relieves, nourishes and defends your skin! AND Soothe can be used on babies and toddlers, in addition to adults!

There are SO MANY uses for this regimen. My customers and other R+F customers use it to treat:
-skin redness
-wind burn
-razor burn
-keritosis pilaris
-eczema (even on babies!)
-poison ivy
-dry, cracked hands
-burns in general

Stop suffering from these common ailments and let me help you!!!! But don't take my word for it - just look at the photo above. Those are REAL results.
If you would like more info on the Soothe Regimen or if you have other skin concerns, feel free to shoot me a message! (

Rodan + Fields has a 60 day money back guarantee - if you try the products and don't like the results, send them back (even empty bottles!) and get your money back. So you have NOTHING to lose by trying these products. 


  1. I do all of these things. My co-workers hate that I drink so much water. Since I have to use the bathroom a lot. Lately I have been drink close to 3 liters of water a day.

  2. My grandmother always said moisturise and never go out into the sun without protecting your face, and never ever go to bed with make up on so I have never done that


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