What Instagram Has Taught Me...

Tuesday, January 26, 2016


It is no secret that Instagram is my favorite social media site. I've talked about it a lot on here and judging by how often I post, you can easily figure it out. And I don't just love instagram for the pictures. I love it because it has taught me a few things too. :)

1.) To get creative and take better photos.


It's true and I'm totally embarrassed to show you, but my instagram feed looks like I have split personalities. If you scroll back through my instagram feed, you will see "the evolution of Lindsay's skills."  The more time I spend on instagram and analyze other people's feeds, the more inspired I get. And past Lindsay, well she had a lot to learn because the photos at the start of my feed were a hot mess.

2.) That moms really can work out.

If moms.can.be.fit didn't follow me and like a lot of my photos last summer, I never would have realized this. :) Tiffanie is a mom in her 40's who has totally transformed her body thanks to Kayla Itsines' Bikini Body Guide. Because of Tiffanie's feed and her incredible success, I was inspired to try BBG and now I love it. In fact, if you weren't aware, I started #WorkoutWednesday here on the blog. Be sure to check it out tomorrow.

3.) That there are things I need to buy that I wasn't aware I even needed.

Funny story. A girl I follow on instagram posted a similar photo of this Michael Kors puff in grey asking if anyone was selling one because grey was sold out in stores. I'd never seen the puff keychain and never needed it in my life until I heard that it was sold out in stores. I watched her post all day as others commented to look on Etsy to find something similar. I even found myself checking out the links and Etsy shops that other people gave her. All for a $40 keychain!!!! Who am I?

4.) There is community out there that I didn't even know existed.

When I first joined instagram, I looked at it as an extension of my blog - another way to connect with my readers. But I have realized there is so much more! In addition to some of you, I have connected with other beauty lovers, other moms and other girls working out. We all support, encourage and inspire each other daily. I especially love instagram because it helps hold me accountable to my workouts and gives me nutrition inspiration almost hourly (seriously just search the hashtag #bbgfood or #cleaneating).


  1. I love looking at healthy food post. Since I have been in IG it has helped me take better pictures.


  2. I think I have an instagram account but I don't use it


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