I Couldn't Live Without...You Tube

Thursday, April 23, 2015

I never thought I would say this...but seriously I cannot live without You Tube. Now that I am a Mom and my time is extremely limited, I've had to get creative with how I learn or do things. And You Tube has come to my rescue! Where else can I learn makeup tricks, find new ways to curl/style my hair, follow along with a workout routine and also find random videos of families unpacking their Sophia the First dolls (which Baby K was glued to while on vacation in Flordia - not kidding)?

My all time favorite You Tube Channel is Kandee Johnson's. She has taught me so many cool tips and tricks for how to get my makeup to look flawless. I've purchased lots of products because of how she uses them in her videos. Kandee is awesome and full of so much makeup info! And she is the sole reason I decided to buy a Beauty Blender...because of this video right here:

I've mentioned it before and I'll probably keep saying it, Bikini Body Mommy is another You Tube channel that I really enjoy. I started following her workouts after my sister achieved AMAZING results (seriously, my sister gets smaller and smaller each time I see her!). The work outs are designed for a busy mom and you can do them all in your home in 20 minutes or less. I like to work out while Baby K is with me so I set a good example for her, plus her imitations of the moves I do are pretty hilarious which helps to make the workouts exciting.
I'm working through the first 90 day challenge, but she has other challenges that you can check out.
Here is Day 1 of the 90 Day Challenge 1.0 to get you started. Be warned, it is harder than it sounds, but so worth it!

And finally, we all love Kate from The Small Things Blog because of her awesome hair tutorials. She has a ton of different videos showing you how to style your hair in more ways that you ever thought possible. My all time favorite one is her messy bun tutorial which will get worn quite a lot this summer. It is so easy to create and always looks great! 


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  1. So going to have to check these channels out.


  2. I find Youtube extremely helpful which is kind of surprising because I had never really turned to it for anything until I became a Mom... I guess it's funny where you'll turn to advice when you need it in a hurry! Also - my LO loves Mickey Mouse Club House and if we're out somewhere and she's freaking out it's Youtube to the rescue with her favorite episodes!!

  3. LOVE bikini body mommy! have you used fitness blender? they have awesome workout videos too!


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