Monday, April 6, 2015

We just had a pretty awesome weekend celebrating Easter. My sister, brother in law, nephew and my sister's best friend were all in town to help my family celebrate the greatest holiday. We took the kids to an Easter egg hunt where they both collected a ton of eggs, had a yummy family dinner at my parent's house and had an incredible time at church on Sunday.

I have a new appreciation for holidays because I get to experience them in a new way as I watch Baby K. It is so fun to see the joy and wonderment on her face as she discovers all there is about holiday traditions. I love the smiles and laughs and I simply adore watching Baby K and my nephew interact. They are really starting to have a lot of fun with each other and their giggles are the best.

My Pastor said something on Sunday that has been on repeat in my head: our Pastor gets emotional about Easter when he thinks of everything that Jesus has done. He knows the kind of person that he really is, he knows all of his imperfections and shortcomings and yet Jesus died for him and for you, for all of us, so that He could save us from our sins. It is incredible to think that someone can love us even with all of the junk that we have going on in our lives. I'm blessed beyond even my own comprehension. I will never know what I have done to deserve all of the greatness that Christ pours down on me daily, but I will spend my whole life thanking Him.


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