High Five For Friday

Friday, April 3, 2015

Great memories, even the little things, are what make life fun - right? That's why I love Fridays where I get to recount the fun things that happened during our week. Here are the top five:

1.) On Sunday we took Tolar's Dad out to eat at my favorite restaurant, Carrabba's. I had talked about the place a lot and once we realized that there wasn't a Carrabba's near his Dad's house we decided to hit the road. I got to sit in the backseat and entertain our little cutie during the car ride. I just love seeing her smile and act goofy, we had a great time together.

2.) I have discovered a way to curl and style my hair in 5 minutes. And  no, I'm not kidding. I'll share details soon, but I just couldn't believe that the curls turned out as well as they did in such a little amount of time.

3.) Being silly, Tolar grabbed Baby K's hair bow and put it on as a bow tie. I LOVED the look, especially the color combination; everything really popped. Tolar isn't convinced, but I'll keep working on him.

4.) Tolar took Baby K on a walk in the woods and decided to give her a walking stick. She loved it and I just love this picture of my little girl exploring.

5.) I have started working out very regularly thanks to the motivation from my sister. Before I started working out, I never got around to it because I would always wait until Baby K went to bed and by then I was too exhausted to exercise. Well, I have since decided to work out in front of her during the day - it sets a great example for her and she thinks its fun to workout with mommy. This is Baby K attempting to mimic my plank jump outs. The girl is always good for a laugh.

Did you have a good week? I would love to hear about some fun moments in your life too.


  1. Love the bowtie :) yay for working out. are you using dvds? which ones? love you bestie!

  2. Stopping by from H54F :) Those curls look fabulous! Especially in such little time! Loving the hair tie turned bow tie - too funny :) Have a beautiful Easter weekend!!
    xo - Brenda // ChattingOverChocolate.com

  3. Like the look of the bowtie, some man can do a bowtie others just look silly with one

  4. My LO loves working out with me and it's adorable to watch her mimic me doing all my moves!


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