High Five For Friday

Friday, April 17, 2015

It was a busy week around here. As you learned in yesterday's post my mother in-law was in town, which was so helpful! I was able to get a lot done and she got to spend a lot of time with Baby K. And now for some fun moments from our week (my mother in-law's visit was definitely fun!!!), apologies that a lot of these are of Baby K. That girl just lights up our world!

1.) Baby K got her first ouchie that required a bandaid. While that doesn't sound like fun, the fact that she didn't cry and absolutely held still while I put the bandaid on was fantastic. My girl is growing up!

2.) Since Tolar's mom was in town, we got to have a date night! We grabbed some yummy dinner, walked around because it was so gorgeous outside and watched some improv comedy.

3.) Baby K got some fun new toy tools and decided to help us with the yard work. Train 'em up right!

4.) We went to a family fun event at Tolar's school and Baby K participated in a cupcake walk. Watching her and Tolar walk around the circle, I couldn't help but realize just how big Baby K has gotten. She's definitely not a baby anymore!

5.) Someone decided that a mouth full of Jimmy John's was the perfect way to spend an afternoon. Can't argue with her on that!

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  1. A cupcake walk??? Sounds delicious haha.
    I'm glad that you guys got a nice date night and that Baby K survived her first ouchie!
    Have a great weekend, friend! :)

  2. I hope baby K finger feels better soon.


  3. Hopefully baby K will be one of those girls we a high pain threshold, not like me who has a bloody low pain threshold, my mum has a very high threshold and it is better

  4. awww…. what a cutie!! Love the idea of a cupcake walk--- did they serve cupcakes too :-)

    <3 Sarita it's my girls' world

  5. Yay for date night!! A cupcake walk sounds like an all around great time! That last photo is adorable!


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