These Are My Confessions...Part 2

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I had so much fun with my last confessions post and had such a great response from you guys that I figured I would share some more confessions with you.

Hit it Usher!

  • I stomp on my slippers every single morning before putting them on, just to make sure there aren't any critters inside.
  • I gave up sodas at the beginning of the month and I honestly haven't really missed them. I thought I would miss them because [huge confession coming] I used to drink about 2-3 sodas a day! 
  • Each morning when I wake up, I immediately check my e-mail on my phone. I hate to have notifications on my phone and I always get those marketing e-mails over night, so I check my e-mail to delete the ones I don't want. (Maybe I should unsubscribe from some, huh?)
  • I let Baby K watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while I cook dinner because I know it will keep her attention and also keep a mess from occurring in my living room or her bedroom. Call me a bad parent, but when I'm by myself during Tolar's night class it's the only option.
  • My hearing is impeccable; according to Tolar I can hear a mouse fart. :) I often wish I didn't hear as well as I do because then maybe I wouldn't get so creeped out by every single little noise I hear.
  • Tolar agrees with the above confession.
  • Oftentimes, I forget to factor in Baby K's nap when making plans...and she is 19 months old. I've been dealing with naps for 19 solid months. (smh)
  • Hearing Baby K say "Mick-EE" can bring a smile to my face no matter what the situation.
  • My DVD collection and iphone apps are all alphabetized and I want to alphabetize other collections of things too.


  1. Who cares about the Mickey Mouse Club? I don't think that makes you a bad parent! It's not like you're letting her watch it while you're in another room smoking crack haha. You're making dinner and you're doing your best--that's ok in my book! :)
    I usually check my phone for messages first, too. See if anything important happened overnight that I didn't wake up for.
    Loved your confessions today! :)

  2. I can just imagine the critter stomp, haha. I don't get email notications, for that reason. I just check my email when I need to so I can delete everything I don't want.

    A mouse fart, too funny. I have really good hearing, especially at night, which can cause me to go into crazy scared mode, haha. My nephew LOVES MMC….or as he calls it HOT DOG! [hot dog, hot dog hot diggity dog] Such a fun show.

    Hope you have a great day, friend!

  3. Yes for giving up soda. I went caffeine free 25 days and then had a soda. That has been my only soda for the month so far.

    letting you daughter watch a little TV doesn't make you a bad parent at all.

  4. Alphabetizing makes me happy. So does arranging my closet by color and sleeve length within color. So sad.

    And hurray for Mickey!

  5. I love you! I too hate having notifications on my phone so I make them go away as soon as they pop up! :)

  6. Yeah we all have let the little ones watch telly while we make the evening meal because it is better then having them underfoot or making a shit ass mess in the lounge room which we will have to end up cleaning up

  7. Oooh alphabetizing your apps, I love that. I need to do that, haha. :)

  8. My daughter loves MMCH! She's obsessed with Minnerella and Minnies Winter Bow Show right now... and she spends many evenings watching it while mommy makes dinner and then there are a few weekend mornings we spend a little extra time in bed thanks to MMCH. She's happy, we're happy, and no one is hurt!


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