These are my confessions...

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I'm totally channeling Usher as I type this....

These are my confessions...

  • If I have to walk into a dark room, I get in and get out with a quickness. Why yes, I am still a 3 year old trapped in a grown woman's body.
  • My iphone has apoximately 698 pictures of Baby K sleeping, all captured by my peeking in on her with our video baby monitor.
  • Ever since getting rear ended last December (almost an entire year!), I have major anxiety when driving on highways. In fact, I take the back way on my hour drive into Roanoke because I'm terrified someone will hit me again. #sadbuttrue
  • Speaking of cars and driving - we just saved a boatload of money by going with a different insurance company for our car insurance. I'm talking the tune of $36 a month in savings!!! This is your PSA for the day: know your options and price quotes when it comes to car insurance.
  • I pray as I drive to church every single Sunday morning that Baby K will happily walk into the nursery and not cry for me or Tolar the entire time...and it works!
  • I wear, as Tolar would put them, granny socks. But I prefer to call them knee highs. And I definitely do not consider them granny socks if they have a lace design on them.
  • Sometimes I will ask Tolar if he has done something, just to see if he will tell me the truth.
  • I really love that Baby K cries Mama whenever she's upset. My girl needs me and I'm so happy about that.
  • Tolar helped me write 25% of this post (which that number might go up before I'm done typing).
  • When I get a new follower on instagram, I get really excited!!! (again #sadbuttrue)
  • I have a really bad habit of NOT listening to voicemails on my phone. And usually I will only listen to them to get the little notification to go away (sorry Bek Bek, I will listen to your message and call you back soon).
  • I'm learning more and more everyday just how much like my mother I really am.


  1. Love it! I got rear ended too, and still to this very day I constantly look at my rear view. I get all giddy too when I get a new IG follower. lol.

  2. Such a fun post! I am totally turning into my mother too! I think it happens to all of us. My boyfriend was just telling me the other day how much I sound like her when I laugh... yikes! ;)

    xo Always, Abby

  3. Love this post, almost as much as I love you! :)

  4. I still get leery when walking into a dark room as well lol. I feel like such a kid too lol. This was such a cool post


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