Lady Maintenance Night

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

When I want to feel extra girly, I throw myself a lady maintenance night. What is that you may ask? It is a night totally devoted to little ol' me where I beautify and pamper myself, making me feel like a lady. :) I like to throw these nights for myself quite often; it is a great way for me to relax and to get myself prepped and ready when I know I have a lot coming up. When I have all my beauty stuff taken care of, I feel great and ready to take on the world!

Before I start, I normally select a playlist on my phone - either by letting Pandora play DJ for me or I'll select an artist I like and shuffle their songs. Music should be at the start of any event!

Here is everything I do on lady maintenance night (in no particular order):

-Exfoliate my face

-Tweeze my eyebrows (overtweezing my eyebrows in college resulted in the lucky happenstance that I only have to tweeze my eyebrows every couple of months!)

-Deep condition my hair

-Exfoliate my legs and any rough spots (like my elbows and heels)

-Take a bath

-Drink some wine

-Shave my legs

-Give myself a manicure and pedicure

-Apply sunless tanner (if its warmer weather and I know my legs will be shown)

-Experiment with different ways to wear accessories and discover items I forgot I had

-Read a beauty magazine

What about you? Are there any beauty routines that you do?


  1. A little pampering session is always a good way to relax and make yourself feel good! Love the term "lady maintenance" hahah

  2. I love me a good pampering session. Manicures are my favorite!

  3. got to love a pampering session. I use to paint my nail once a week but right now since I'm moving all the room in my house. My nails have been naked for 3 weeks

  4. I like to pamper myself which is why I have a bubble bath each night now


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