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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Bad hair days.

Sadly, I've had my share of them and the majority of them occur when there is precipitation outside. Rain plus fine, thin, straight hair just do not mix. There have been many times that I have styled my hair only to walk outside and see rain and realize that I completely wasted my time. And wasting my time is one of my favorite things to do...said no person ever.

Which is why I am thrilled to have discovered this fabulous Scala Collezione rainhat from Dorfman Pacific.

This rainhat is super lightweight, yet extremely durable and repels rain like a boss (as Tolar would say). I love that the hat is somewhat oversized so I don't have to worry about smashing my hair if I've curled and styled it. With the wide brim, I can rest easy knowing that the rest of my hair is seeking shelter even if it isn't completely covered. The best part? I can still look stylish and prevent a bad hair day on a super, nasty rainy day. Basically fashion and function have been rolled into one with the creation of this hat. The quality is on point, the style is classic and the charcoal color makes it easy for me to pair this hat with virtually my entire wardrobe. I can't say enough good things about this fabulous hat! And take a peek at the inside lining (picture below) - I swoon over polka dots!

I had a ton of fun with this hat and my camera:

Scarf: Subtle Luxury (c/o).
Earrings: Target.
Lipstick Shade: Revlon's Smoky Rose.


  1. I love how it has a super fun inside lining! Cute :)

  2. the lining in the hat is super cute. You can never go wrong with a great hat

  3. Thankfully my hair is not bothered by the rain,although your rain hat looks nice

  4. I love your trick! I always carry a dry shampoo for bad hair days, helps to revive it a little :)

    By the way, I am giving away $25 gift card to The Mint Julep Boutique! I’d love if you can send your entries!

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