Snowed In Entertainment Ideas for Kids

Monday, January 17, 2022

Snow Days can be so much fun! School is closed, there is plenty of freshly fallen snow on the ground to enjoy, fun is sure to be had!

I know some parents get a bit anxious if your area has a lot of snow days…how will you keep the kids entertained and away from the tv all day? I’m here to offer some ideas for you. Try out some or all of these activities for kids (and maybe even you!) and remember to make your snow day fun!!!

Bake Cookies

Bake Cookies.
A great way to keep your kids entertained and have them work on math without them knowing is to have them help you bake. When you teach them about the different measurements for each ingredient, they are working with fractions. They will love helping create the dough and cutting out fun shapes with cookie cutters. And you all get a delicious reward in the end.

Plan an Indoor Scavenger Hunt.
A really fun indoor activity is to make a scavenger hunt. Think up random items around your house and ask your kids to find them. You could theme the scavenger hunt around colors, activities, favorite things, or more. Have your children compete with you and see who can find everything on the list first.
Some examples for a scavenger hunt:
-find items that represent every color of the rainbow
-find eight items that you need to camp outside
-put together a specific list of items that you want your kids to locate around the house (i.e. bath towel, headphones, toothpaste, paper towel, envelope, etc.)

Play in the Snow

Actually, Play In The Snow.
Want to work up an appetite for those cookies you baked? Get everyone dressed up and go out and play in the snow for a few hours. Go sledding, make snow angels, build a snowman, have some snowball fights. Just have fun. Some of my greatest childhood memories involve hours of playing in the snow.

Get Some Exercise.
When everyone has been sitting for a while, encourage your kids to get moving. There are tons of videos available specifically for kids that will help them get in some physical activity. Getting your kids moving is the most important thing, so let them have a say in what workout video they choose.

Involve Kids in Cooking Dinner

Involve The Kids In Cooking Dinner.
With the extra time on your hands because of the snow, ask your kids to help you in the kitchen. I’m sure they will love being your little helper. If they are old enough, show them how to dice veggies. If you aren’t ready to hand them a knife, then teach them how to measure and pour ingredients.

Hold A Dance Party.
One of our favorite things to do in our household, any day of the year, is to have a dance party. We all take turns requesting songs and we just let loose and dance. We dance in the kitchen, in the dining room, in the living room, in bedrooms, wherever we want. 

Tightrope Walking Challenge

Have A Tightrope Walking Challenge.
Put some tape on the living room floor and pretend it is a tightrope. Come up with different challenges encouraging your kids to see who has the best balance. Have them hold different items in both hands while walking to see who can get to the end of the tightrope the fastest without falling off. You could even have them experiment with walking the tightrope with their eyes closed or maybe even walking backwards. Get creative and enjoy this new experience.

Play Games.
When a snow day is coming, I often like to set out a stack of board games to encourage my kids to reach for those instead of immediately reaching for their tablets. Our family loves to play games, so our collection is constantly growing. Set out games that your kids can play by themselves, but also add games that they can play with you too.

Read Audiobooks on a Snow Day

Read or Listen to Audio Books.
Luckily my children love to read, so I don’t have to twist their arms too much to do this. When a snow day hits, set a timer and give them a specific amount of time that you want them to read. Allow them to pick out whatever books they want to read, but encourage them to read the whole time. Audiobooks can also be an option. There are plenty of audiobook apps available geared towards children.

Play Magnatiles on snow days

Play with Magna-Tiles.
Magna-Tiles are easily one of the best things I’ve ever bought for my children. They have played with them for years, regardless of age. It is so fun to see what kind of creations they can come up with and watch their imaginations explode. Get out the Magna-Tiles, perhaps assign a theme and see what your kids create.

I certainly hope some of these tips will help your kids enjoy their snow days and make you feel good because they embraced their creative minds. If you have the time off work, enjoy lots of these activities with them to create lasting memories.
Have fun and stay warm this winter!!!!

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