8 Reasons You Need A Travel Agent

Monday, January 10, 2022

Travel Agent Specializing in Disney Destinations

I made a few announcements about this on Instagram, but I realized I never formally announced anything here on Pursuit of Pink. I have taken on a new business venture and have joined Magic in the Sun Travel as a Travel Agent. 

Magic in the Sun Travel is a full service travel agency specializing in Disney Destinations. But don't look at that and think we ONLY plan Disney - we do so much more. We can help plan:
-cruises on Royal Caribbean, Celebrity and more
-all-inclusive resort stays at Sandals locations throughout the world
-Universal Studios visits and resort stays
-hotel stays throughout the world

If you want help in booking a vacation, send me an email at lindsay@magicinthesuntravel.com

Why You Need A Travel Agent

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I've been fortunate to have experienced visits to Walt Disney World my entire life, so I know Disney. I've taken several cruises (three of them with Disney Cruise Line), traveled domestically and internationally, I am a huge planner to a fault and I am WELL EQUIPPED to help you plan a wonderful vacation.

Now, you might be thinking - "But Lindsay, it's 2022 and everyone has internet access, why do I need you to help plan my travel?" Trust me, I get it! I even had a similar conversation with my brother in-law. But one thing I have learned in my short time as a Travel Agent is that there is SO MUCH to know and keep it all straight. Yes, I have extreme Disney knowledge, but I'm still learning new things every day. Having access to a team of collaborators within Magic in the Sun Travel has been extremely beneficial. We are all hyper focused on the travel industry and can offer lots of information and tips that you might not find on your own.

In addition to what I said above, I also have several reasons to share why you need ME as your Travel Agent!!!!

8 Reasons You Need Me As Your Travel Agent

1.) Knowledge of Promotions
As a travel agent, I have access to knowing when promotions will hit so that I can help guide you to a vacation to maximize your savings. Also, if a promotion comes out after you have booked a trip, I will personally make sure the qualifying promotion gets applied for you. This actually happened just this week - Disney announced a promotion where guests could save up to $100 per night on rooms at select resorts during a certain time period. Several members from Magic in the Sun Travel worked feverishly to get the promotion applied to their clients' already booked vacations. 

2.) There is No Additional Cost to You
You will not pay anything extra to use my services when you book a vacation with me. I get paid a commission from the different companies, but that doesn't mean that you will pay more for your trip. In fact, anytime you book a Disney vacation package, there is already a fee for a Disney Travel Agent built in. If you are already going to pay for it even if you book it yourself, you might as well use a Travel Agent and get the benefits too! And I'll likely be able to help you find a vacation package that can save you some money too.

3.) Time Savings
By using my services, I'm saving you time. I have already done plenty of research for my own personal trips and trips for my clients. I can offer you loads of suggestions to maximize your time while on vacation. I will do the research for you, you get to enjoy the trip!

4.) Customized Tips for Your Trip
I can do as much or as little planning as you want. I will put together a plan and itinerary specific to your trip with tips and and tricks you might not have thought about. 

5.) You Don't Have to Wait on Hold
That's right, I will call in and wait on hold for you. This could save you hours at a time as sometime making changes to vacation packages means you have to wait in a long line. When promotions are released, sometimes the wait times can be 3 or more hours! You don't have to wait on hold that long, call me and have me do it for you!

6.) Dining Reservations Booked for You
Right now, Disney Dining Reservations are a hot commodity and they go fast. Do you want to get up at 6 a.m. to worry about reserving dining for your Disney trip? Do you want to constantly have to check and see if a reservation has opened up for the time you were hoping for? Probably not, so I'll do it for you! I've got several tricks up my sleeve to help secure the dining reservations of your dreams.

7.) One on One Personal Attention
I can book a Disney vacation, a cruise, a stay at a Sandals resort, a Universal visit and more. And you get ME and my FULL attention to plan your entire trip, often outside of normal business hours. I am extremely organized and detail oriented and will make sure that your trip is one you remember for a lifetime.

8.) Insider Experience
As I said before, I've visited Disney my entire life, taken several cruises and traveled extensively both domestically and abroad. I've got first hand knowledge to share with you. Plus as a Travel Agent specializing in Disney vacations, I get inside access to pass along to you!

Travel to Disney

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If you want help in booking a vacation, send me an email at lindsay@magicinthesuntravel.com


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