Easy Dinner for the Weeknight Rush

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I have quite possibly the easiest meal you will ever need to make on those nights when you are short on time, but don't want to order takeout. In our family, eating a yummy dinner not from a paper bag is very important to us (though we do love take out every once in awhile!). Since moving to Dublin, I have made cooking dinner a huge priority. This is one place where I severely lacked as a wife when we lived in Alexandria, but now that I have more time dinner is cooked by me almost every single night.

Even with more time, I'm still busy and there are still plenty of nights where I need something fast! Enter this yummy pork chops and rice recipe. My mother is the brains behind this recipe, so she gets all the credit.

Now I'm not claiming this is the healthiest dinner on the block, but it is homemade and it is fast! Take what you can get!!!

Pork Chops and Rice

1 TB oil
Pork Chops (I prefer the thin, boneless chops)
2 cans Chicken and Rice Soup
About 3/4 cups additional rice (I prefer brown rice)

1.) Coat the bottom of a pan with oil. Place pork chops in the pan and brown on both sides (cook about 4 minutes on each side).

2.) Once pork chops have been browned, pour 2 cans Chicken and Rice Soup over top.

3.) Add additional rice and about half a can of water (I pour water into the can to get out any remaining rice).

4.) Bring to a simmer, cover and cook for 20 minutes.

That's it! Easy peasy right? What I love about this is the prep time only takes about 10 minutes and then you can walk away until it's finished. This is such a comfort food meal in our family! I will sometimes add broccoli straight to the pan while it is simmering. Or I'll serve a salad or another vegetable on the side. Every time I make this dinner, I wonder why I haven't made it more often. It is so good and so easy.


  1. Love a good easy weeknight meal! That's why I love my crock pot so much :)

  2. I would prefer lamb chops but the rice I am right there with you

  3. I love chicken and rice, thanks so much for sharing this nice and easy recipe!

  4. I love chicken and rice, thanks so much for sharing this nice and easy recipe!


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