Cleaning Schedule

Monday, February 2, 2015

Organizing and having things neat and tidy make me very happy. I feel more relaxed and like my life is in order. With a pretty cram-packed daily schedule, I decided to come up with a plan to do a little bit of cleaning each day so my house doesn't get out of hand. By dividing up my chores throughout the week, my house not only stays clean but I actually feel on top of things too!

cleaning chore schedule

I designed this schedule around what I have to do on certain days of the week, making sure I had time to complete my cleaning/chore activity as well as get everything else on my to do list finished. If you are looking for a similar type of cleaning schedule in your life, feel free to edit this as you see fit so it works for YOU. I started by writing down every chore I wanted to make sure was completed each week, then also writing down if I had regular activities on certain days. Then I assigned tasks to days until I had a schedule that I was happy with.

Monday: bathrooms, trash
We luckily only have 2 bathrooms in our house so the bathrooms don't take me near as long to complete as they used to (in our house in Alexandria we had 4!!!). I always scrub the counter, sink and toilet plus clean the mirror. Since I use a shower spray after I take a shower each day, I don't have to do a deep clean of the shower every week. Depending on how dirty the floors are, I will either sweep and mop the bathroom floors on Monday or if they aren't very dirty I will wait until Thursday when I sweep and mop the rest of the house.
Trash is taken care of by Tolar.

Tuesday: dusting, grocery store
I dust all surfaces in our house, nothing is left untouched!!! Since I normally work on Mondays and Wednesdays, Tuesdays are usually reserved for me to do our big weekly grocery run.

Wednesday: vacuum
Wednesdays seem to be pretty full, so I just vacuum on this day. We only have 3 rooms with carpet so this chore is done pretty quickly.

Thursday: sweep/mop
There are a lot of hard wood floors in our house which collect a lot of dust. I always sweep everything first then go back and mop. If I didn't sweep/mop the bathroom floors on Monday I will add them to my Thursday routine. I always sweep and mop our kitchen, dining room, living room and hallway.

Friday: kitchen
On Fridays I try to declutter the kitchen. Whether that be finding a home for miscellaneous items that made their way onto the kitchen counters or finding new ways to place our kitchen utensils so the counters stay clear. I always scrub the counters, microwave and the stove, clean out the fridge and wash up any dishes that didn't get washed in the dish washer earlier in the week.

Saturday: sheets/towels
First thing on Saturday morning I will collect all towels around the house and throw them into the wash. Then I will change the sheets on all the beds and wash sheets as well. I absolutely love crawling into a bed with fresh sheets so Saturday is kind my favorite day.

Sunday: meal plan
Sundays are always cram packed with church in the morning and a small group at night, so I only meal plan on Sundays. This is a great way for me to feel prepared for the week. I check our social calendars to see where everyone will be and decide from there what we will have for dinner.

Daily: laundry, pick up clutter
I try to stay on top of our clothing laundry and do a load each day if we have enough (sometimes we only have enough for every other day, but I always check). Our washing machine is pretty small, so I can't wash a ton at once. Each night once Baby K is in bed, I will walk around the house and pick up any clutter. I like to live in a house where everything has its place, so the picking up clutter portion of my day doesn't take long at all. And this chore goes without saying, but I always wipe the counters and wash the dishes after cooking dinner.

There you have it! By designing a daily routine, I don't have to devote hours each Saturday to cleaning my house. A little bit of cleaning each day seriously cuts down on my time and helps me relax a bit more.


  1. This is a great way to keep things manageable, for sure. Thanks for sharing your list!

  2. Monday are my grocery store day and deep cleaning my house. Then though out the week. I keep it up kept. That way if someone happen to pop in the house looks nice.

  3. I use to have a cleaning schedule but not so much any more

  4. Love that you have a written out schedule...I def need to do this. Great idea, just hope i can stick to it!

  5. Such an excellent idea to spread it out throughout the week! I definitely need to come up with a schedule like this, too. Thanks for sharing! :)

  6. Great cleaning schedule! You made it so nice and simple! I love it! Thanks for sharing! Greets, Morden Carpet Cleaners Ltd.

  7. Nice to see these cleaning schedules. Hope I too had an idea to do like this.


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