Our Preferred Video Baby Monitor

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Favorite Baby Monitor

The one question I have received from my pregnant mama friends the most is: which video baby monitor do you prefer?

I have one answer and one answer only. Don't buy the expensive video monitors from the baby store, buy a Foscam.

We did a lot of research on all sorts of baby products when we first found out we were pregnant. I let my IT husband do all of the researching and decision making on the monitor because I knew that he would understand the verbiage and find the absolute best one for us. And he did! We have loved our Foscam from the moment we first plugged it in.

You won't find these cameras in Buy Buy Baby or Babies R Us, instead you can find these cameras at nextstepbabymonitors.com. And you will LOVE the price compared to the expensive prices you will find in the baby store (baby stuff is SO expensive, let's save some money where we can).

Foscam Baby Monitor App

Here are a few reasons we love this camera:
-The picture is clearer/sharper on the Foscam than on the expensive baby cameras.
-We run the camera through an app on our iPhones and iPads (on our in-house network), allowing us easy access to viewing Baby K.
-The camera has 2 way communication, we can talk to Baby K and hear her too.
-The camera is set up with Automatic Night Vision, making it really easy to see Baby K in the dark.
-It has pan tilt capabilities, we can move the camera however we want.
-If you know someone with IT knowledge, you can set the camera up to be viewed outside your network. I really loved this feature when I was working and Baby K was at home so I could still peek in on her whenever I wanted (hello nanny cam!).
-You can set up multiple cameras and view them all at the same time. In our house in Northern Virginia, we had a camera in Baby K's room, one in the living room and one in the basement.
-You can take pictures and videos through the app on your phone. And I take pictures all. the. time.

Foscam Video Baby Monitor


  1. Baby monitors have come a long way since my girls were babies ok back then they were unheard of and we didn't have one which sucked if you wanted to check on baby you had to walk into the room risk making noise and waking them and trust me it is not easy not to make a noise when one kicks their little toe on the cot......................lol

  2. Make sure to change the default user and password! There are websites that have hacked almost all cameras that are not secure. There's a russian website now that has hacked cameras all over the world.


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