A Baby K Update

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Now that we are past the 12 month/1 year mark and don't have those super cute "sticker pictures" to take anymore, I haven't sat down to write an update on Baby K. But I must say that I feel like she has changed so much in the months since her first birthday and an update is most definitely required. Not to mention, said update is needed for all of Baby K's fans back in Northern Virginia!

Current Age: 16 1/2 months. (That's 1 year, 4 1/2 months for those people who dislike when Moms tell their babies' ages in months)

Stats: 21 pounds, 10 oz. Sadly Baby K currently has a nasty virus and high fever so off to the doctor we went yesterday - helping me to know her exact weight. I don't know her exact height, but I do know at her 15 month well check up she had increased in percentile for height - woohoo!!!!

Development: Baby K started walking at 14 months and hasn't stopped since. She sometimes will get excited and walk too fast, which causes her to fall down a lot. But she just hops back up and keeps going. I love to watch her little wobble, it's adorable! She is super curious about things, but she really just likes to observe and take it all in. Luckily she listens to me for the most part when I tell her no if she gets into something she shouldn't. With our move, she has had a lot of solo play time and seems to enjoy playing by herself. It's really fun for me to walk past the door to her bedroom and watch her "reading" or playing by herself. She is talking more and still babbling a lot, and she can say several words: Mama, Dada, car, ball, Grandy, PawPaw, Pops, yeah and uh-oh.

Baby K has had separation anxiety since she was about 6 months old, but she seems to be getting better. With us living so close to my parents and aunt, she is very comfortable with them. In fact, any time they come over she will walk to any one of them and hold out her arms for them to pick her up. And Tolar's Mom has gotten to visit a lot since we moved so Baby K is completely comfortable with her too! She has had some tough days at church and in the MOPS nursery when I have to leave her, but I'm glad to say she is showing tons of improvement. In fact, this past Sunday she smiled and played almost the whole time we were apart. Praise The Lord! I have an entire post I'm thinking up about coping/dealing with her separation anxiety - more on that later.

This child is so smart! She can tell us the sounds that a ton of animals make; cow, cat, dog, snake, sheep, duck, zombie (yes, I said zombie - Tolar is so proud), horse and monkey. And she knows a lot of her body parts and will point to them whenever we ask. I especially love when we ask her where her teeth are because of the cute face she makes. It is incredible to sit back and watch her and realize just how much she comprehends. My mother in-law taught her how to show that she is 1 year old with her finger and it is seriously so adorable.

Loves: My child loves to read and I couldn't be happier! We read all the time and she will often "read" by herself too. There have been a lot of days recently where she will act like she isn't ready to get out of her crib after a nap, so I will give her some books to look through. She loves to play peek a boo and has finally made contact with her eyes instead of her ears when she goes to make the peek a boo motion. She will giggle uncontrollably when you play peek a boo with her; the giggle sound is the best! She has a toy dog that swings and sings "You Are My Sunshine" and she just adores that thing. I think she loves it because she knows how to turn it off and on. It's so funny for me to be in a different room from her and to all of a sudden hear the dog start singing. She also has a bear that sings "Rock A Bye Baby" while rocking a little baby bear and Baby K will hug her own arms and mimic the bear rocking. My heart melts every time she does that! And she loves to pull things out - blocks out of the bag, toys out of her toy chest, diapers and wipes out of her diaper bag - you name it, she will be pulling the contents of anything out. Baby K finally started liking baths too. She used to just tolerate them, but it was never anything that she absolutely loved. Although ever since we moved into our new house, she has loved them. I think because she has her own bathroom and when we first brought her to see the house I told her that her bathroom is where she would take a bath. She will walk over to the tub all the time and pat her stomach, letting us know that she wants to take a bath. And one random thing that she loves is putting on her coat. It used to be such a chore when she was really little, but now she can help and she is always happy to put it on. And once the coat is on, she is obsessed with unzipping it - I think that's why she likes to put it on in the first place.

Dislikes: Luckily, there aren't a ton of dislikes for her. She dislikes being away from Mom and Dad, but she is getting so much better when we have to be apart. She doesn't like being patient and waiting on anything. She will sometimes cry if I take too long to fix her lunch or her cup of milk. Jesus is going to have to grant me patience to deal with an impatient child!

Sleeping: We are so blessed to still have a rock star sleeper. Bedtime is still 8 p.m. and she will sleep until 7 or 7:30 a.m. for us. I am so thankful for that! She has dropped a nap and is down to only one nap a day. She usually will go down for a nap after lunch and will sleep for about two hours. Before she turned one, she didn't really need anything (like a blanket or stuffed animal) to go to sleep. But with all of our moving and life changes that happened right around her first birthday, she developed a huge love for her Roo stuffed animal. She sleeps with him all the time and I don't want to even imagine a time trying to get her to sleep if we don't have Roo!

Diapers: We are still a Pampers loving family. She is in Swaddlers size 3 by day and Baby Dry size 4 by night. And I haven't ever mentioned this on the blog before, but Pampers has an awesome rewards program where you earn points for entering in codes from Pampers products. I am saving up our points for a big toy reward. But along the way, we have gotten little rewards too. In fact, we just got some free return address labels and I ended up personalizing them for Baby K - she sends mail too! If you use Pampers, check out their website for the rewards program.

Eating: This kid can eat!!! She luckily isn't too picky and will eat just about anything we give her. There are times where she will act like she doesn't like something, but if we try again the next day she will gobble it down. I keep saying she is weird because she likes prunes and peas - she can't be my child! But I love that she will eat peas, it is such an easy vegetable to fix for her. She adores Greek yogurt, so much so that I have had to hide it in the refrigerator. If she sees the yogurt, she will cry until she gets it! We try to give her a wide variety of foods, but often I get stuck giving her cheese and mandarin oranges a lot because I know she will always eat them. She has fed herself with a spoon a few times with mashed potatoes and Greek yogurt and even peas. But I haven't been brave enough to give her anything else. Everything else she eats with her hands and gets it everywhere!

Clothing: She is kind of in between sizes. The 12 month stuff is too little and the 18 month clothes are too big. I mostly keep her in 18 month clothes because they at least fit, I just have to roll the sleeves up on a lot of things. At least we will get our money's worth out of the 18 month clothes as she will wear them a lot. Have I ever told you about the store Once Upon A Child? It is amazing, it is a consignment store for children and they have so many good quality clothes. The store is packed full of clothes and shoes; the majority of Baby K's clothes come from there. She goes through clothes so fast, it is definitely an awesome place to score some deals. We have even found several things that still have the tags on them.

Miscellaneous: Her hair is so long. I found the below picture that I took of her in our house in Alexandria just hours before we closed. And her hair was so short then! She won't keep bows in her hair for long, but if I put headbands on her, she will often leave those alone. But most of the time her hair gets in her face and I'm constantly brushing it to the side.
And she gives kisses on the lips now and I just cannot handle how cute it is. I'm so in love with this little girl, she makes every day better!


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