Organizing A Closet

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Closet Organization Made Easy

So you've cleaned out your closet and gotten rid of the things you don't want. Now what do you do?
Organize of course! I love being organized and putting everything in its place. When I can see everything I own (by de-cluttering) and have it all neatly laid out in front of me, I'm more likely to actually use everything.

Organize your clothes by season (I'm sure almost everyone does this).
organize clothes
Start there - go through your clothes and put the cool weather clothes together and the warm weather clothes together.
Then I like to arrange all of my clothes by color. Since I own so many neutrals, it is really easy to pair different things with each other and by placing all like colors together, I can really see what I have.. Mix and match!
After grouping by colors, I then hang everything by sleeve length. Shorter sleeve (or no sleeve) items get hung up in the front (within each color) and longer sleeve items get hung up in the back. I'm still keeping my cool weather clothes and warm weather clothes separate.

Use similar hangars.
This may seem anal, but I use all white hangars in my closet. It gives a nice clean look to everything and since all of the hangars are the same, I know exactly how everything will hang.

Utilize a shoe rack.
If you have more than five pairs of shoes, a shoe rack comes in very handy. By using your vertical space you can actually hold more stuff. That's a good argument to make when you want to buy more shoes! And a shoe rack keeps everything neat instead of having a ton of shoes cluttering up your floor.

Baskets are your friend.
utilize baskets
I use baskets for ALL of my organizing all over my house. Since we Americans are huge consumers and have a ton of stuff, we always need some place to put said stuff. In a basket of course! In my closet I like to use baskets to hold all sorts of things:
small purses/clutches
travel accessories
shoe polishes


  1. I use shoe box to hold things. Also I do the same thing with my hanger. I have the hugable kind. That way I have a little more more then using the plastic ones.


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